Soledad OBrien to Host The Womens Media Center 2018 Womens Media Awards

first_imgThe WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER announces their host and honorees for the 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS, to be held on November 1st, at Capitale in New York City.WMC AWARDS will be presented to outstanding leaders and champions for women in media, including Lisa Borders, Abigail Disney, Fatima Goss Graves, Cindy Holland, Maria Teresa Kumar, and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.Soledad O’Brien, three-time Emmy-winning anchor and producer of “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien,” founder and CEO of Starfish Media Group, and a past WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER honoree, will host the WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS.WMC YOUNG JOURNALIST AWARDS will be presented to Neha Madhira and Haley Stack.The 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS Honorees are: Lisa Borders, first President and CEO of Time’s Up and Retiring President of the National Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA), will receive the WMC Carol Jenkins Award. At the WNBA, Borders brought physical and financial opportunities to women that were once available only to men, and proved that women’s bodies are instruments, not ornaments. The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER is recognizing Borders for the ways she has helped bring women into the media picture – from her days at the city council and work in Atlanta-area politics, her corporate leadership at the Coca-Cola Company, and most recently her incredibly successful turn as president of the WNBA. As a leader in sports, she represented the change we so desperately seek, both for the athletes for whom she advocates, and the scores of young girls and women for whom she is an inspiring example of who women are and can be. The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER is especially happy to be celebrating Lisa Borders on the first day of her new job as the first President and CEO of Time’s Up.“I am so thrilled the WMC is honoring Lisa Borders. She is a true example of inspiring and empowering women,” says Carol Jenkins, former and founding President of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “As Lisa says, ’I’m a girl, a woman of color. That means that nine times out of ten I’ve been underestimated.’ Her work with the WNBA, bringing women into the main ‘arena’ to be visible — and well paid —means that underestimation is turning into respect. For that, and a lifetime of good works in government, philanthropy, and the corporate world, we are so happy to thank her.” Abigail Disney, Emmy-winning director and producer, philanthropist, CEO and president of Fork Films, will receive the WMC Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award. Disney’s documentaries and films have advanced women’s roles in the public sphere focusing on social issues and spotlighting extraordinary people who speak truth to power. She recently founded Level Forward, a female-led media studio that will share profits with on-the-ground programs for women and girls.“Abby Disney is a force — a disrupter, an activist, a filmmaker, a philanthropist — a woman who understands the power of stories well told to change minds, influence opinion, put new ideas into the culture, shift culture, and compel change,” says Pat Mitchell, Co-Chair of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “She is a powerful woman who knows how to use her power for good — including the ultimate power of ownership, which she and her new company, Level Forward, will leverage to change the representation of women in every aspect of media. For her commitment to being an advocate for other women and for putting forward the issues others fear to tackle, for her track record as an award-winning filmmaker and storyteller, and her accomplishments, as well as her audacious and important ideas for the future, I am excited to recognize Abby Disney with this year’s WMC Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award.” Cindy Holland, head of programming and original series at Netflix, will receive the WMC Visible and Powerful in Media Award. Holland listens to viewers and has brought us new voices ranging from the great stand-up comic/tragic, Hannah Gadsby, to the worlds of Shonda Rhimes.“Cindy Holland deserves this recognition for her advocacy for women in film and television, for her leadership and support of the We Rule Campaign, LGBTQ issues, and for helping Hollywood understand that by providing a slate of programming by and for women, she is giving audiences more characters and stories to which they can relate. Cindy has put women — of all ages and colors — in front of and behind the camera,” says Jane Fonda, Co-Founder of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “She is a highly innovative and visionary head of programming and shining example of strength and integrity as a longtime advocate for women in the entertainment industry.”This year, the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER has created a new award: the WMC Progressive Women’s Voices IMPACT Award, to celebrate the exceptional achievements and impact of the women leaders and alumnae in our WMC Progressive Women’s Voices program. The first ever WMC Progressive Women’s Voices IMPACT Award Honorees will be: Fatima Goss Graves, CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and director of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund; Maria Teresa Kumar, President of Voto Latino and MSNBC contributor; and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.“We are so proud of the WMC Progressive Women’s Voices program for its work on building an inclusive democracy and media by training diverse women leaders to use the media to augment the power of their voices and causes,” says Maya Harris, Co-Chair of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “Our inaugural WMC Progressive Women’s Voices IMPACT Award highlights three of our stand-out alumnae successes.”“Under the inspired leadership of Maria Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino is amplifying the Latino voice,” says Harris. “Using both cutting edge technology and civic engagement they have registered over a quarter of a million voters, and are not only training a pipeline of Latino leaders, but investing in Latino entrepreneurs as well. Maria Teresa is a leader who speaks from the heart and champions the stories of the Latino community. She is helping to shape America’s future.”“Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian-American woman in the House of Representatives, has been working internationally and domestically for women’s, immigrant, civil, and human rights for decades,” adds Harris. “After September 11, Pramila founded Hate Free Zone (now OneAmerica) in the wake of discrimination and civil liberties abuses against Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians. A former state senator, where she fought for gender equity, to increase the state minimum wage, and for expanded access to contraception for all women, Pramila is one of the most powerful and influential voices fighting for the rights of refugees arriving at our borders.”“Fatima Goss Graves is a talented lawyer, an impactful advocate, and a visionary leader,” says Harris. “She has fought to advance opportunities for women and girls on issues ranging from income security and education access, to reproductive health and workplace fairness. She regularly testifies before Congress and federal agencies, and works to ensure we understand, amplify, and address the experiences and interconnected threats facing LGBTQ people, women of color, immigrant women, and low-income families.” The first ever WMC Young Journalists Award honorees will be: Neha Madhira and Haley Stack — respectively Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor of the Prosper High School Student News Website, Eagle Nation Online. After the Texas school’s principal censored the publication, Madhira and Stack fought back on behalf of journalistic freedom for young journalists.“High School journalists Neha Madhira and Haley Stack faced the challenge of censorship personally and at a young age, and they met it head on,” says Robin Morgan, Co-Founder of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “Their courage, dedication, and integrity exemplify the best of a new generation: tomorrow’s journalists and free press defenders. They give us hope.”The WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS recognize and honor game-changers for women in media. By deciding who gets to talk, what creates debate, who is the writer, and what is made visible, media shapes our understanding of who we are and what we can become.“The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER has spent over a decade training women leaders to be heard, seen, and read in online, on-air, and print journalism, and also researching and exposing sexism and racism in media,” says Gloria Steinem, Co-Founder of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “Our awards will celebrate Lisa Borders on her first day on her new job as the first president and CEO of Times’s Up and Fatima Goss Graves, CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and director of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. They are a testament to the power of #MeToo, as is WMC’s 15-month investigation on how the movement has affected press coverage of sexual assault. This report, and others we produce, help shine a light on the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women in media and the important work WMC does on behalf of all women.”“Over the past year, a historic shift in media has happened. Propelled by the #MeToo revelations, many survivors — previously invisible — have been heard for the first time, and media has been consumed by the downfall of powerful men,” says Julie Burton, President of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “The WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS celebrate women who, despite systemic cultural and institutional bias, have broken barriers in politics, sports, and media. Their voices, their impact, and their power are profound.”WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER Co-Founders, Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem, will all be attending the gala and speaking.The 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS Co-Chairs are:Loreen Arbus, Lauren Embrey, Jane Fonda, Maya L. Harris, Mellody Hobson, Pat Mitchell, Robin Morgan, Sheryl Sandberg, Regina K. Scully, Gloria Steinem, Mary and Steven Swig, and Gail B. Tifford. Proceeds from these awards support the work of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER to make women visible and powerful in media.Past WMC honorees include Hillary Clinton, April Ryan, Maria Hinojosa, Ashley Judd, Luvvie Ajayi, Christiane Amanpour, Amma Asante, Laura Bates, Samantha Bee, Ursula Burns, Katie Couric, Sady Doyle, Mona Eltahawy, Sarah Hoye, Gwen Ifill & Judy Woodruff, Sheila C. Johnson, Laura Ling & Lisa Ling, Lara Logan, Pat Mitchell, Martha Nelson, Soledad O’Brien, Salma Hayek Pinault, Elianne Ramos, Joy Reid, Yanique Richards, Anita Sarkeesian, Regina K. Scully, Mary Thom (posthumously), Marlo Thomas, Barbara Walters, Padmasree Warrior, Lindy West, and Maggie Wilderotter.To buy tickets or for more information about the 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS and the ongoing work of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER, go to: read more

Soft drinks, water help Coca-Cola beat sales and profit estimates

first_imgGeorgia: Coca-Cola Co beat estimates for quarterly sales and profit on Tuesday, as it sold more water and soft drinks, including its signature soda and Coke Zero, sending its shares up 4 percent before the bell. After facing years of declines in soda sales, beverage makers are attracting consumers with flavored waters, reformulated recipes, new fruity flavors and low-sugar drinks. Volumes, a key indicator of demand, grew 2 percent in the first quarter ended March 29, driven by strength in its Asian and European markets. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalOrganic sales, which exclude the impact of currency swings and acquisitions, rose 6 percent. Price hikes and stockpiling by its bottlers due to Brexit uncertainty also helped sales. Revenue rose 5 percent to $8.02 billion, and the company earned 48 cents per share on an adjusted basis. Analysts had forecast earnings of 46 cents per share on revenue of $7.88 billion, according to Refinitiv IBES. Net income attributable to the company rose to $1.68 billion, or 39 cents per share, in the first quarter ended March 29 from $1.37 billion, or 32 cents per share, a year earlier.last_img read more

Elderly man killed as car rams into his cycle

first_imgNEW DELHI: A 65-year-old man was killed after a car rammed into his bicycle in north Delhi’s Civil Lines area.The accident happened on Wednesday night at around 10:45 pm when the man took a right turn from a signal and the car, which was coming from the opposite direction, rammed into his bicycle. The car was coming from Vidhan Sabha area and was on way to IP college in Civil Lines. Prakash Tiwari, a resident of P&T Colony in Civil Lines, was rushed to a hospital but he was declared brought dead by doctors. Tiwari was a local vendor at civil lines. “The accused has been arrested and he was the driver of the car. He could not react in time and hit the cycle. The victim was rushed to the hospital bit was declared brought dead by doctors,” said a senior police officer. Gaurav Saxena, the diver of the errant vehicle is a resident of Gandhi Nagar, was working as a driver for the past six months. A case under Sections 279 (rash driving) and 304 (punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the IPC was registered at Civil the Lines police station and the accused, identified as Gaurav Saxena, was arrested, the officer said.last_img read more

Glanbrook home seriously damaged by fire

No one was injured after a house in Glanbrook was seriously damaged by a fire this afternoon.Fire crews were called to the home on Golf Club Road around 2:00 p.m. The fire started in the basement and made its way upstairs.One person was home at the time but managed to escape with no injuries. The family cat, however, died in the fire.While the damage total hasn’t been determined, fire officials say damage inside the home is so bad that the homeowners will not be able to return any time soon.The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

South Africa calls for level playing field in post2015 development agenda

South African President Jacob Zuma today urged a level playing field for his continent in setting a new global development agenda for the years following the end of the current cycle in 2015, warning that new international demands were impeding Africa’s development.“We raise this point…because it appears that the global economic meltdown has brought about new developments that are detrimental to the developing world, especially Africa,” he told the United Nations General Assembly on the first day of its annual General Debate, citing a tendency to renegotiate the “rules of the game.”“New issues are being introduced as prerequisites for development and partnerships which in fact become huge non-tariff barriers. These include the green economy and clean technology,” he said, noting that while these issues are important and need to be addressed, the manner in which they are crafted restrains economic development as they are used as obstacles.The year 2015 is the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that set specific goals on poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, child and maternal health, environmental stability and HIV/AIDS reduction, and Assembly President John Ashe has said the current session of the Assembly must lay the groundwork for global development in the decades beyond.Mr. Zuma said such an agenda allows individual regions and States the space to address the development needs peculiar to their circumstances and priorities. For Africa in particular, it should address poverty eradication, income inequality and job creation, focusing on all three dimensions of sustainable development – eradication of poverty through economic development, social development and environmental sustainability.“Any development agenda beyond 2015 must be based on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities in order to equalize the international playing field,” he stressed. As he and many other leaders of developing countries have done in the past, Mr. Zuma called for reform of the Security Council by 2015 so that the currently 15-member body democratically represent the world’s nations at large.“The UN Security Council still remains undemocratic, unrepresentative and unfair to developing nations and small States, and disenfranchises the majority of the Member States of the United Nations who form the majority in this General Assembly,” he said. “We cannot remain beholden indefinitely to the will of an unrepresentative minority on the most important issues of international peace and security.“There has been too much talk about the need for reform, with too little action. We would like to challenge the Assembly today: Let us set ourselves the target to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations in 2015 with a reformed, more inclusive, democratic and representative UN Security Council.”In an earlier meeting with UN secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Mr. Zuma discussed political developments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, especially Zimbabwe and Madagascar. They also focussed on Guinea-Bissau and the Central African Republic, according to a readout issued by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson. read more

Jesse Williams Isnt Here for the National Anthem Refuses

Jesse Williams has been outspoken about racial injustice. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty ImageIt looks like the national anthem protest that was driven by Colin Kaepernick has reached Hollywood.Jesse Williams took a page out of Marshawn Lynch’s book and remained seated through “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the regular-season finale of the Ice Cube-founded Big3 basketball tournament.“We’ll stand up when you do …” read the caption the “Grey’s Anatomy” star wrote on his Sunday, Aug. 13, Instagram Live video. The statement is believed to be intended for President Donald Trump, who has been slammed for not condemning the racism that spurred the violent response to a protest of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.James Alex Fields Jr. has been charged with second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count correlated to leaving the scene after plowing his car into a crowd protesting the white supremacists. One is dead and 19 people have been injured as a result of the collision. read more

Take your sick children to the pharmacy and not the GP says

first_img18 million GP appointments and 2.1 million A&E visits are being taken up by patients with conditions that could have been treated at home Rachel Power, the chief executive of the Patients Association, said: “We would not want to see parents put off taking their children to see a doctor if they have any suspicion that something more serious could be wrong.”Dr Bruce Warner, the deputy 
chief pharmaceutical officer for England said: “Pharmacists are highly trained NHS health professionals who are able to offer clinical advice and effective treatments for a wide range of minor health concerns right there and then.“However, if symptoms suggest it’s something more serious, they have the right clinical training to ensure people get the help they need.” The campaign, launched today and backed by pharmacists, will urge more parents to “use their pharmacy first” for minor health concerns such as coughs, colds and stomach problems.Sandra Gidley, the chairman of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society England Board said: “It is great to see a campaign putting pharmacists at the front of people’s minds when it comes to getting clinical advice and over the counter medicines for minor health concerns.”   “Parents aren’t qualified to know whether an illness which seems minor actually is something far more serious – and while pharmacists are highly trained, they are not medical trained either,” he said. Joyce Robins, from Patient Concern, said: “Most of the time when a child [has] the snuffles it’s not likely to turn serious – but identifying the subtle differences is really difficult for parents, and things can turn nasty really quickly.“Parents aren’t doctors, and pharmacists aren’t doctors either,” she said. “We know the NHS is overloaded but this is a very high risk strategy.” Parents are being urged to take sick children to pharmacists instead of to GPs or A&E departments under controversial new NHS advice.Health officials said millions of families could get help more quickly and save NHS resources if young children with minor illnesses were taken to their local chemists.But major charities raised fears that parents could struggle to identify potentially lethal symptoms, putting their children in danger, as they tried to ease pressures on the health service.The advice from NHS England comes after the death of a teenager with flu, whose parents had delayed seeking treatment in response to NHS pleas to avoid needless A&E visits.Today’s campaign, aimed at five million parents with children under the age of five, says 18 million GP appointments and 2.1 million A&E visits are being taken up by patients with conditions that could have been treated at home. But charities warned that parents could struggle to identify situations that could rapidly deteriorate and make a tragic wrong decision because they felt guilty about taking their child to the doctor.Dr Ron Daniels, the chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, urged parents to “trust your instincts” and seek medical help if they had any doubt. 18 million GP appointments and 2.1 million A&E visits are being taken up by patients with conditions that could have been treated at homeCredit:sturti Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

VERY VERY OMINOUS SIGNS IN GUYANA – warns former President

(The following is an opinion piece written by former President Donald Ramotar)From the time the APNU+AFC regime took office, it has been demonstrating a strong anti-democratic tendency that is leading towards another PNC style dictatorship.The first major indication was their totally insensitive action of hiking their own pay by more than 50% and allowances by thousands of percentage points.The latest action was the arrest of many officials of the former PPP/C administration. These arrests were all wrongful and, in the case of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, illegal.Former President Donald RamotarThe regime’s main purpose was to incite fear in the population.They not only arrested several high profile persons, but even went on to celebrate it.The party at the Oasis Café was the bullies were enjoying their “accomplishments: drinking wine and other exotic alcoholic beverages.Like the old PNC regime, the current government seems to lack national pride due to the fact  that a British national is directing the work of SOCU.  They seem happy taking orders from a foreign national, in this case, a citizen of Britain, our former colonial master.The APNU regime is in the process of subverting our institutions.The SOCU, which was setup to investigate and fight money laundering, is now being used as a political tool of the APNU.Its main purpose now is to harass PPP/C members and supporters.We are now also witnessing the creation of another body, SARA, whose leaders are already interrogating business people at the Ministry of the Presidency.Obviously, having set up this elaborate and very expensive apparatus, they will have to justify their existence, even if it means framing and setting up people. This is iron logic of where they will lead and take us.These bodies are stacked with relatives, associates from former law-firm, old Party hacks and other friends; another way of milking the treasury.Now, the regime is putting a Bill forward that is going to give enormous powers to the Executive Branch of government.The Bill states that the President will have the power to dismiss Ministers. That, however, is an authority he/she already has.The frightening one is the power being given to the Minister in the Ministry of the Presidency.He/she will have the power to dismiss elected Members of Parliament.  This is a very dangerous development that will lead to authoritarianism.I say this because Members of that August body have been elected by the people. We cannot now give that right to anyone other than the persons that the Constitution so authorizes.The APNU regime’s attitude to the Constitution is that it is a piece of paper. So many of their actions are in violation of the Constitution that it cannot now be seen as an oversight or accident.Tender procedures are violated and awards are being made to APNU+AFC financiers. These are costing billions of dollars to our tax-payers.Appointments to Constitutional Bodies are being manipulated. The judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) are not being appointed.  Attempts are clearly being made to pack the Court with judges whom the regime feels it can rely on.  That is why some are saying – “we put dem deh, they gat to rule for us”.In the Parliament, the Speaker is not acting impartially. At the last sitting, he stopped M.P Nandlall from speaking about the salary of the Prime Minister after he allowed Jordan to talk about former Presidents’ pension.At every sitting, he disrupts the Opposition Members of the National Assembly when they are speaking.Constitutional appointments are also being subverted. A case in point is the position of Chairman of the Elections Commission. The Constitution is clear on who is so qualified yet the regime ruled a list provided by the Leader of the Opposition after wide-ranging consultations as unacceptable.All these are more than just signs.They are an indication of where we are heading.Already many are expressing fear; they feel that their rights are being violated. Almost everyone are of the view that their telephone conversations are being listened to.Now, they have moved a step further to stifle dissent by arresting opposition leaders of the PPP/C.It is important to point out that after the 1964 elections; the PNC regime targeted the PPP leaders as well. The PPP Chairman, Cedric Nunes, was detained for years, along with others.However, it was not confined to the PPP.Later, particularly after 1973, the then regime went against anyone expressing any views that were not in coincidence with that of the PNC regime.This is just the beginning.People need to defend the gains we have made in this country.No concession should be made to any violation of our Human and Constitutional rights.Stand up now before it is too late. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLETTER: President’s action a flagrant disregard of our ConstitutionOctober 25, 2017In “latest news”APNU+AFC regime is anti-democratic by nature – says former President RamotarAugust 26, 2016In “Politics”Former President slams Kaieteur News for publishing ‘wild fabrications’ – in desperate effort to retain some ‘relevance’February 2, 2016In “Local News” read more

Microsoft working on its own FaceTime competitor for WP7 or WP8

first_imgVideo chat has been around for a long time on laptops and PCs, and even mobile phones have given it a good old college try before, but it wasn’t until Apple introduced FaceTime with the iPhone 4 that the feature not only became popular, but synonymous with a full-featured modern cellphone.Is anyone surprised, then, at word that Microsoft is hard at work trying to put together a FaceTime competitor for their Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system?According to Neowin, their source is a “key WP7 employee” who spoke to them under the condition of anonymity at CES. Asked about FaceTime, the WP7 worker said that Microsoft was working hard in the lab to add a similar feature, which would be bundled with Microsoft Live services allowing it to work — just like FaceTime — across multiple platforms and devices.Other than that, there’s a lot of questions, and according to Neowin, their source refused to even be pinned down about whether or not Microsoft’s FaceTime was meant for WP7 or if it might not even be delayed until Windows Phone 8. One thing’s for sure: until WP7 handsets start shipping with forward facing cameras, it’s pretty irrelevant all around.Read more at Neowinlast_img read more

Google is being changed this week based on user feedback

first_imgIt’s been a couple of weeks since Google+ launched, and with the exception of China already blocking its use, people do seem to like it. That’s good news for Google after the failures of Buzz and Wave, and bad news for Facebook who now has a serious competitor in the social network space.You may think Google could sit back and watch the Google+ network grow, but that would be a mistake. The search company has realized it can’t just watch what happens, it needs to respond to users quickly in order to keep them happy and the network growing. While the general view of Google+ is a positive one, there’s also a lot of criticism and user feedback of which Google is about to tackle.AdChoices广告Today, Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of social at Google used his Google+ account to post a message confirming there’s “lots of criticism for Google+.” Not only that, but before the end of the week we should start seeing changes to address those criticisms.Although there isn’t a list of what the most criticized features are (or lack thereof), the responses to Gundotra’s post are very telling. Here’s the ones we managed to extract from the 200+ comments he has received so far, most of which have had multiple +1 upvotes:Ability to modify circles a post is shared with after posting itReading sparks and +1 comments in the Android appLifting of the 5000 circle cap (really?)The ability to overlap circlesOption of a circle that doesn’t show up in your streamMenu follows you down the stream as you scrollEasy private messaging option including to person who starts a threadGoogle+ app for other platforms (WP7)Blocking working 100% of the timeEasy way to merge circlesSharing and refresh updates in the Android appLink to hide all comments again after you’ve clicked to show allBetter integration of Google Chat with Google+Fix issues with instant upload for photosAbility to share with all circles, but with an “except” optionAbility to share Google Docs and Calendar with circlesRevamp Google Reader to make sharing easierFile-sharing integrationNested commentsAddition of hashtags to aid searchingAs you can see, most of the requests are for more control and more integration with other Google services. There also seems to be a big push for the Android app to be improved quickly.We know any bugs will be the first thing to be fixed, but also for the control of circles (privacy, merging) and better stream access and controls to be targeted first. I’m sure there’s also a lot of feedback regarding the invite system and how overwhelmed it became.The other question to ask is whether there’s anything missing from that list? If you are a regular Google+ user or just starting out, checkout our best tips, tricks, and add-ons post and see if it helps you get past, or reveal new criticisms you can feedback to Google.via Computerworldlast_img read more

Les mécanismes de la schizophrénie identifiés grâce à des cellules souches

first_imgLes mécanismes de la schizophrénie identifiés grâce à des cellules souchesDes chercheurs sont parvenus à identifier les mécanismes de la schizophrénie après avoir prélevé des cellules de la peau de malades, et les avoir transformées en neurones. Ils ont alors pu constater des troubles de la connexion neuronale, pouvant expliquer la maladie.Les chercheurs de l’Université de Californie et du laboratoire Spring Harbor de New York viennent de réaliser un grand pas en avant dans l’étude des maladies mentales. Ils viennent en effet d’identifier les mécanismes biologiques à l’origine de la schizophrénie, et cela grâce à des cellules souches. En effet, les chercheurs ont prélevé des cellules de la peau des malades schizophrènes, cellules qu’ils ont transformées en neurones.À lire aussiSchizophrénie : définition, symptômes, traitement, causes, qu’est ce que c’est ?Ils ont ainsi pu constater que les neurones des personnes schizophrènes étaient différents des neurones des personnes dites saines. En effet, les neurones des malades développeraient moins de connexions que les neurones dits “normaux” tandis que les prolongements synaptiques seraient également moins développés chez les malades. Si cette découverte n’a pas encore mené à un traitement pour soigner la maladie, les chercheurs ont tout de même testé plusieurs médicaments antipsychotiques sur les cultures de neurones des malades schizophrènes, tests qui ont permis de constater que certains produits pouvaient améliorer les connexions entre neurones qui font défaut chez les malades. Ces résultats ont été publiés mercredi dans la revue Nature. L’étude a également permis de mettre en avant la dérégulation de 600 gènes dans les neurones des malades schizophrènes, ce qui montre combien la maladie est complexe. Le Figaro précise qu’aujourd’hui 1% de la population est touchée par la schizophrénie, maladie mentale qui apparait généralement entre 15 et 25 ans. Cette maladie se caractérise de plusieurs façons, des hallucinations, aux délires et au repli sur soi.Le 15 avril 2011 à 17:01 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Yahoo une offre de rachat se prépare chez le Chinois Alibaba

first_imgYahoo : une offre de rachat se prépare chez le Chinois AlibabaCoup de théâtre ! Alors que Microsoft semblait avoir gagné la partie, une offre de rachat du site Yahoo se prépare chez le chinois Alibaba aidé de l’opérateur japonais SoftBank.Selon Bloomberg, le géant chinois du commerce de gros Alibaba et l’opérateur japonais SoftBank préparent une offre concrète de rachat du groupe Yahoo. Les deux acteurs auraient déjà contacté de nombreux fonds d’investissement pour réunir les capitaux nécessaires.Les deux sont d’ailleurs plus ou moins rattachés à Yahoo. Le portail internet détient 40% du capital d’Alibaba et SoftBank détient Yahoo Japan. De plus, l’opérateur a récemment investi dans UStream, un site de vidéo en ligne. Ces deux géants asiatiques veulent profiter de l’aura internationale de Yahoo pour investir sur les marchés occidentaux.Pour convaincre le conseil d’administration et les actionnaires de Yahoo, Alibaba et SoftBank devront faire monter les enchères et proposer au moins 20 dollars par action, ce qui valoriserait la société à environ 25 milliards de dollars. L’action est aujourd’hui à 16,13 dollars. Une chose est sure, Alibaba s’est mise en relation avancée avec des sociétés de lobbying de Washington, spécialisées notamment dans les fusions et acquisitions.À lire aussiWindows 8 : Microsoft annonce 40 millions de licences venduesMicrosoft était lui aussi toujours sur les rangs. On sait que le rachat de Yahoo est une option envisagées depuis des années et qu’en 2008, l’éditeur avait proposé pas moins de 50 milliards de dollars pour s’offrir le portail en ligne toujours aussi populaire avec les années. L’épilogue de ce long feuilleton financier devrait s’opérer dès le début de l’année 2012, tant Yahoo n’a jamais semblé aussi proche de se faire avaler après de fortes résistances. Le 30 décembre 2011 à 14:59 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

ASA to Host Free Soybean Rust Conference Producers Encouraged to Attend

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) invites all soybean producers, both members and non-members, to attend a free Soybean Rust Conference on Thursday, January 8, 2004, at the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel in Saint Louis, Missouri. The event is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. and will conclude around 5:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Registration is complimentary but required for all participants.”Asian rust is already causing significant soybean crop losses in countries where it has been detected,” said ASA President Ron Heck, a soybean producer from Perry, Iowa. “Although this disease has not been found in the continental United States, most scientists question how long our good fortune will last in this regard. Indeed, the threat that soybean rust may eventually raise its ugly head on U.S. farms is real, and growers need to have a better understanding of how to properly manage this disease before it arrives.”Representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Inspection Service (APHIS) will join with other scientists and industry experts from all over the country to explain the facts about soybean rust. Soybean Rust Conference participants will also get the “inside scoop” on how ASA is working with the federal government and industry to safeguard the U.S. crop from this dreaded disease.”Given what’s at stake, this conference is a must for all farmers interested in learning more about soybean rust and the steps that are being taken to manage this potential problem,” Heck said. “Should soybean rust arrive in the U.S., it will not discriminate between ASA members and non-members, so I am extending an invitation to all soybean farmers to attend this free educational conference.”The conference is conducted in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture and is sponsored by BASF Corporation, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences, Sipcam Agro USA and Syngenta Crop Protection.There are three ways to register for this conference: 1) Log onto, download and fill out the registration form and email it to ASA Meeting Planner Julie Hawkins at 2) Print and mail the registration form to Julie Hawkins, American Soybean Association, 12125 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 100, Saint Louis, MO 63141. 3) Contact Julie Hawkins at 1-800-688-7692.Check ASA’s web site at for updates and more information as the conference date approaches. To reserve a room, contact the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel, 191 Westport Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri 63146, 1-314-878-1500.The tentative conference agenda calls for welcome and opening remarks by ASA President Ron Heck, at 10:00 a.m., followed at 10:20 a.m. by United Soybean Board Production Chair Brian Hieser, who will discuss checkoff-funded efforts concerning rust. At 10:40 a.m., Mary Palm from USDA/APHIS will provide an overview of the biology of soybean rust, both its pathogen and disease, and at 11:00 a.m., Morris Bonde from USDA/ARS will talk about past and present research on soybean rust at the USDA/ARS Plant Disease Containment Facility at Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland.At approximately 11:20 a.m., Glen Hartman and Monte Miles from the National Soybean Research Center at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign will talk about USDA’s breeding for resistance efforts at the national cooperative, contract research, and international levels. Then at 11:40 a.m., Robert L. Griffin from USDA/APHIS, Center for Plant Health Science and Technology, will talk about assessing the risks of soybean rust introduction associated with trade, followed by X.B. Yang, Iowa State University at 12:00 noon, talking about the natural pathways for the spread of soybean rust. Dr. S. Anwar Rizvi from USDA/APHIS will moderate the morning session.A complimentary lunch will be served at approximately 12:20 p.m., and at 1:00 p.m., Todd Topp, a U.S./Brazilian farmer, will present a farmer’s experience with soybean rust in Brazil. At 1:20 p.m., Allison Tally, Syngenta Crop Protection; Jim Bloomberg, Bayer CropScience; Ted Bardinelli, BASF Corporation; David Ouimette, Dow AgroSciences; and John French, Sipcam Agro USA, will provide an update on the efficacy and availability of fungicide products.At 2:50 p.m., Martin Draper from South Dakota State University will review Section 18 approval status and registration of fungicides. Then at 3:10 p.m., Bob Tomerlin of the Environmental Protection Agency will talk about the registration outlook for triazoles. At 3:45 p.m., Reid Frederick from USDA/ARS will talk about identification and detection methods for soybean rust, followed by Ray Hammerschmidt, North Central Plant Diagnostic Network, Michigan State University, at 4:05 p.m., who will present an overview of National Plant Diagnostic Network and its role to combat rust. Robert Spaide from USDA/APHIS will moderate the afternoon session. At 4:25 p.m., a panel discussion and question and answer session is scheduled, and the conference will conclude at 5:30 p.m.Conference attendees also are invited to stick around for a welcome reception on Thursday evening in conjunction with the ASA Soybean Leadership College, which convenes the following morning.last_img read more

Ask a Climatologist Winter weather makes a comeback at the Winter Olympics

first_imgThe Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea feature a key ingredient: winter weather. That’s a departure from the last Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, where high temperatures strayed into the upper 50’s.Brian Brettschneider, with our Ask a Climatologist segment, says PyoengChang is at about the same latitude as Washington, D.C. But he says the climate there this time of year is very similar to Anchorage.Listen nowInterview Highlights:Why is it so cold in PyeongChang?They’re on the eastern part of the Asian continent and in the winter months they’re subject to the dominant Siberian high pressure system. That’s an area that gets very cold in the winter and they normally have winds that come out of the north. So they’re going to get a cold, dry flow coming in from Siberia and it’s going to functionally make them feel like they’re much farther north than they are.Is it true that for its latitude, it’s the coldest spot in the world?It basically is true. There are a couple of spots, like in Colorado, that are at the same latitude or even farther south, at something like 11,000 feet, that are going to be colder. But it really is, for its latitude, about as cold as you can get anywhere on earth.How does the cold at this Olympics in PyeongChang stack up to previous Olympics?It’s looking like it will be an average temperature of about 30. That’s going to put it as the coldest winter Olympics since Lillehammer, in 1994. The Sochi Olympics were famously warm, with highs near 60 and lows near 40. Before that, Vancouver was quite warm and even Salt Lake City was fairly warm. So you have to go back over 20 years to find a colder Olympics.last_img read more

Yousufain Dargah Urs from today

first_imgNampally : The Deputy Mayor, Baba Fasiuddin on Tuesday visited Dargah Yousufain as part of inspection of the arrangements, in view of the beginning of Urs (anniversary) from Wednesday. Later, speaking to media persons, Deputy Mayor said that all arrangements were being made to ensure that the devout coming from different parts of the country take part in the festivities. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us He said that various departments were coordinating by making all kinds of arrangements including maintaining sanitary, desilting of underground sewerage, also arranging temporary transformer and mobile toilets. “Since the Chief Minister patronizes and made his wishes from the days of Telangana movement he emphasized hitch-free arrangements for the devout,” he added.last_img read more

Porn ring busted in Chittagong

first_imgMembers of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) on Thursday detained 18 people from Singapore-Bangkok market in Agrabad of Chittagong for allegedly running a pornography ring.RAB-7 senior assistant director Mimtanur Rahman said the detainees had been selling vulgar songs, pirated versions of newly released video songs, and pornographic videos to the youths, violating existing copyright laws.The elite force also seized 19 computers from the market, reports UNB.last_img

With Some Schools Still on Hold Because of Harvey Students Go On

first_img 00:00 /01:00 X Laura IsenseeThird grader Cedric Dupas got to show off his freestyle moves at an interactive hip hop show at Miller Outdoor Theater. He and his classmates at Hilliard Elementary will start their new school year on Monday.Several Houston schools are finally gearing up for back-to-school next week, since Harvey caused extensive damage and delays. But before class starts, some students got a different kind of lesson.That lesson was in the art and culture of Houston hip hop.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Dozens of students from Hilliard Elementary in Northeast Houston watched an interactive hip hop show at the Miller Outdoor Theater. Some kids like third grader Cedric Dupas even got on stage.“I feel like awesome, because I danced!” he reported afterwards.It capped off several days of field trips to places like Hermann Park and the Children’s Museum. For teachers it was the first time they’d seen their students this year. “It was nice. The kids was able to get out, get out of the community, you know, since it was destroyed,” said Torrie Taylor, who teaches second grade.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.That’s why she said the best part was: “Seeing the kids having fun, smiles on their faces.”Taylor and her students — along with six other Houston schools — will start the year next Monday. Share Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

Mummified ancient bird offers clues about flight during midcretaceous

first_img Citation: Mummified ancient bird offers clues about flight during mid-cretaceous (2016, June 29) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Tree resin captures evolution of feathers on dinosaurs and birds The team actually found two bird samples inside a single small piece of amber (which was originally found in Myanmar), both of which belong to enantiornithines—a group of birds that went extinct at approximately the same time as the other dinosaurs—66 million years ago. Prior research had found that such birds had both teeth and wings with claws on their tips. The birds were tiny (the amber piece as a whole was just a few cubic centimeters) and likely juveniles.The team reports that they were able to analyze both samples under microscopes and also by using X-ray micro-computed tomography scanning—they also used UV light to examine the entire amber piece with the bird remains inside to learn more about the way the amber flowed before hardening. That allowed them to make out claw marks near one of the bird samples, which the researchers suggest is likely evidence of the bird struggling to break from the tree resin. They noted that both birds had adult-type feathers which suggested they never had to go through a molting phase, they hatched with feathers already fully formed. The group also notes that the samples are a rare find, most fossilized bird remains are 2D images formed in sedimentary rock. The birds in the amber are true 3D samples which offer the researchers evidence of both skeletal and feather structure in one sample. They also offer something else—color. The feathers are believed to be the same hues they were when the birds were alive, approximately 99 million years ago—pale darks on top with some dots and darker browns on other parts.Interestingly, the researchers also found that the feather arrangement was very similar to modern birds, which meant that despite a different shoulder structure, they probably flew in much the same way as those we see flying around today. The researchers are hoping further study will shed more light on the middle stage of the evolutionary development of flight—between gliding and full powered flying. Explore further Enantiornithes wing and skin sections encased in amber, nicknamed “Rose”. Credit: Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM/ R.C. McKellar) More information: Lida Xing et al. Mummified precocial bird wings in mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber, Nature Communications (2016). DOI: 10.1038/ncomms12089AbstractOur knowledge of Cretaceous plumage is limited by the fossil record itself: compression fossils surrounding skeletons lack the finest morphological details and seldom preserve visible traces of colour, while discoveries in amber have been disassociated from their source animals. Here we report the osteology, plumage and pterylosis of two exceptionally preserved theropod wings from Burmese amber, with vestiges of soft tissues. The extremely small size and osteological development of the wings, combined with their digit proportions, strongly suggests that the remains represent precocial hatchlings of enantiornithine birds. These specimens demonstrate that the plumage types associated with modern birds were present within single individuals of Enantiornithes by the Cenomanian (99 million years ago), providing insights into plumage arrangement and microstructure alongside immature skeletal remains. This finding brings new detail to our understanding of infrequently preserved juveniles, including the first concrete examples of follicles, feather tracts and apteria in Cretaceous avialans.Press releasecenter_img Journal information: Nature Communications © 2016 (—A team of researchers from China, Canada and the U.S. has found an example of mummified remains of a bird from the mid-cretaceous period, in amber. As they note in their paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the remains represent the first example of skeletal material alongside feathers in Mesozoic amber. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Preventive alert issued for strong waves at Costa Ricas Pacific shores

first_imgNo related posts. A low-pressure system off the Pacific coast could generate waves up to 10 feet, according to the Center for Research in Marine Sciences (CIMAR) at the University of Costa Rica.The National Emergency Commission (CNE) on Wednesday warned Central and South Pacific residents to remain alert at least until Friday.According to CIMAR oceanographer Omar Lizano, strong waves generated by storms from the south Pacific could reach these areas.The CNE advised local residents and visitors to take extra security measures to prevent accidents with small boats, mostly for residents of the province of Puntarenas in El Carmen, El Cocal, Caldera Beach, Boca Vieja, Esterillos, Bejuco, Dominical, Pavones, Palo Seco and Quepos.CNE experts also reported that they are monitoring the formation of a tropical storm that could affect most of Central America in coming days. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Hotel market remains positive in 2012

first_imgHotel operators across the globe are more optimistic about business trends in 2012 than they had been last year a survey has found. The recent survey compiled by Horwath Hotel, Tourism and Leisure (HTL) which gathers responses from over 40 countries, revealed that while Asia and the US continues to flourish Europe remains flat. The survey concentrates on the outlook for occupancy, average room rates, total revenue and assessing the outlook for key demand segments. According to the survey the outlook for 2012 is not as positive as the outlook conducted in February 2011, however has improved from the July 2011 survey. The results reveal improved sentiment is detected in Asia, North America, and the Middle East/Africa, while Europe remains sluggish and Oceania has weakened slightly. Horwath HTL Asia Director Damien Little said the fact that sentiment in the US markets is beginning to increase is a good sign that better things are on the way. “Europe has a double bonus with the European Soccer championships in Poland and the Ukraine, followed by the Olympic Games to be held in London, both of which should drive a healthy demand for hotel bedrooms,” Mr Little said.“If Europe can finally settle its debt problem once and for all and inflationary pressures not impact too much on the Chinese economy, we should be looking at a much better second half of 2012.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.Plast_img read more