Fiji PM labels Australia PM very insulting after Pacific standoff

first_imgSydney: Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama blasted his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison as “very insulting”, saying China offers a more welcoming brand of diplomacy following a tense Pacific summit. Bainimarama accused Morrison of heavy-handed tactics after the Pacific Island Forum wrapped up in Tuvalu on Thursday with pro-coal Canberra sharply at odds with island nations facing the existential threat of climate change. “The prime minister (Morrison) was very insulting, very condescending, not good for the relationship,” Bainimarama told the Guardian late Friday. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US The group had hoped to issue a compelling global call to action from nations on the frontline of climate change ahead of UN talks in New York next month. But after 12 hours of negotiations that descended into tears and shouting, the summit communique fell well short of expectations with language watered down at the insistence of the Australian PM, island leaders said. Morrison pledged AUD500 million in aid to Pacific Island nations to invest in renewable energy and climate change resilience, part of a strategy to counter China’s rising influence in the region. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls But leaders of the other 17 nations in the Pacific Island Forum have called on Canberra to do more to cut emissions and curb Australia’s lucrative coal industry. “(Morrison) at one stage, because he was apparently (backed) into a corner by the leaders, came up with how much money Australia have been giving to the Pacific,” Bainimarama said. “Very insulting.” The Fijian leader added there was “no competition” in the region between Australia and China, but commended Beijing’s approach to diplomacy. “They don’t go down and tell the world that we’ve given this much money to the Pacific islands. They don’t do that. They’re good people, definitely better than Morrison, I can tell you that,” he said. Morrison, who concedes climate change is real but insists it can be managed in a way that does not hurt the economy, has denied a rift between Pacific leaders. “We showed up, we’re stepping up, and it’s getting on,” he said following the negotiations that dragged into the early hours of Friday morning. Meanwhile, Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has caused a stir after being caught on camera saying Pacific nations would weather climate change thanks to Australian aid and a programme that allows islanders to work in seasonally in Australia. “They’ll continue to survive because many of their workers come here and pick our fruit, pick our fruit grown with hard Australian enterprise and endeavour and we welcome them and we always will,” he said in a video published by the Guardian.last_img read more

Remain alert against govt actions Mayawati to BSP leaders

first_imgLucknow: BSP supremo Mayawati here on Thursday met office-bearers of her party, asking them to remain alert against “government actions”.”The BSP men should remain alert to save themselves from biased government actions,” she said while expressing concern over “rising” incidents of mob lynching, violence and murder in the state. She also urged them to ensure the victory of party candidates in the upcoming assembly bypolls in the state. ” Mayawati reviewed ground-level activities in the party to increase its base ahead of the assembly bypolls,” a party release said. She said the Dalits, tribals and people belonging to other backward classes were agitated as “reservation was not properly implemented and lakhs of government posts were vacant”. “The economic mess is in news. The purchase power of people has come down. The government should take up issues of poverty and unemployment on a priority,” she added commenting on the economic situation in the country.last_img read more

Lovato having fun with Johnson

first_imgLos Angeles: Singer Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson of The Bachelorette fame are “having fun” together. A source told that the singer and Johnson are “having fun and getting to know each other”. The source added: “They’ve been talking privately for a bit and hanging out.” Lovato was vocal about her interest in Johnson during his time on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, and things heated up earlier this month when Johnson commented on her unedited bikini photo. After Lovato shared the swimsuit photo alongside a powerful caption about appreciating one’s body, Johnson commented: “Look at me like that again … Love yaself.” In response, Lovato sent a flirty kiss and tongue-sticking-out emoji.last_img

Suicidal motorist who badly injured woman given jail break on appeal

first_imgTORONTO – A man who badly injured a woman when he tried to kill himself by driving his car into a hydro pole has had his jail sentence effectively cut in half.In finding the sentencing judge had gone too far, Ontario’s top court ruled on Wednesday that Constantinus Dedeckere should be released after having spent one year behind bars.“Without minimizing the seriousness of the offence and the impact on the victim, a sentence of time served and two years probation is fit and adequate to reflect the principles of sentencing including proportionality,” the Appeal Court said.The case arose in July 2015 when Dedeckere, then 58 and on temporary leave from a mental-health facility in London, Ont., drove his Chevy Malibu at high speed into a hydro pole on a rural road, knocking out power to Port Stanley, Ont., and spraying debris.A woman driver, 74, slammed into the wreckage and was critically injured, requiring surgery and rehabilitation.According to court records, the married father of four opted to attempt suicide that day after the Law Society of Upper Canada notified him he was being disbarred as a lawyer.Dedeckere, who had a long history of mental illness and failed suicide attempts, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing bodily harm.At sentencing, 14 impact statements were filed with the court. The prosecution called for a prison sentence of up to two-and-a-half years; the defence wanted a suspended sentence and three years probation.In October 2016, Ontario court judge John Skowronski accepted that Dedeckere was a first time offender, had pleaded guilty, and regretted what he had done. However, the judge called the “offence itself” an aggravating factor given the woman’s injuries.Skowronski noted Dedeckere hadn’t thought his suicide plan through or considered how it might affect other road users.“It is important to dissuade those who may be self-destructive from acting on such ideations to their detriment, and from exposing the innocent bystanders, as it were, to possible physical danger,” Skowronski said.Skowronski sentenced him to two years in a penitentiary, followed by three years probation and a six-year driving ban.Dedeckere appealed the sentence, arguing Skowronski focused too heavily on denunciation and deterrence, and failed to consider his psychiatric issues and rehabilitation.The Court of Appeal agreed, saying the usual deference accorded a sentencing judge was not justified in this case.Skowronski, the Appeal Court said, blamed Dedeckere for wanting to kill himself without considering how his bipolar disorder and depression had impaired his judgment.“The sentencing judge determined that specific deterrence could only be met by a custodial term due to the appellant being chronically suicidal,” the Appeal Court said. “(But) specific deterrence has little relevance in the context of suicide, and general deterrence is a factor of decreased significance when sentencing those whose behaviour is driven by mental illness.”The upshot, the court found, was that the sentence was unfit.In re-sentencing him the Appeal Court noted that Dedeckere is now over 60, and alcohol and drugs played no role in the offence.“There was no dispute that his sole intention was to kill himself,” the Appeal Court said. “He is genuinely remorseful for what he did. He has a loving and supportive family including his wife, four children, and two grandchildren.”The Appeal Court sentenced Dedeckere to time served — the year he spent in prison — and two years probation.last_img read more

The growing environmental pitch for ditching the straw

first_imgTORONTO – This holiday season, cocktail hour could really suck for the straw industry.That’s because some establishments are ditching plastic straws as public backlash grows against the ubiquitous convenience — a seemingly innocuous tool that has become emblematic of the world’s plastic pollution problem.Customers like 31-year-old Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster are leading the charge, by asking wait staff at the bars and restaurants she visits to not bring her a straw.She says she’s trying to reduce the overall garbage she produces, and believes these little gestures are finally starting to get some traction.“This year was the first year I feel like a server went, ‘Absolutely, we’re totally on board with that.’ A couple of times I’ve had that response. And that tells me, ‘Oh, they’ve heard about this, it’s now becoming a thing,’” says the Toronto actress, who has also emailed bars she frequents to suggest they limit straw use.“Sometimes I feel kind of embarrassed about these little choices and I feel embarrassed about coming off as some kind of crazed eco-warrior hippie person.”But she’s certainly far from alone in her crusade.Two years after a video of a sea turtle impaled by a straw turned up on YouTube, the campaign to eliminate straws seems to have hit a new level of mainstream awareness.Establishments now run the risk of being shamed on social media for serving a glass of water with a straw, and as more businesses make changes, those lagging behind risk appearing out-of-step with the times.Bar owner Rachel Conduit admits she caught on to the movement a bit later than she’d like, but says she recently switched to biodegradable straws at her two Toronto bars, Handlebar and Farside.She’s also told her staff to stop habitually putting straws in mixed drinks, and only leave them on the bar for customers to grab if they want one.“The reason it took so long is the places I think where bars and restaurants often go to buy straws just don’t stock (biodegradable versions). So you have to go out of your way to order and find and source and get them delivered,” says Conduit.They are more expensive — she says 3,000 biodegradable straws cost her more than $100, while the same amount from her local cash-and-carry run less than $20.Conduit chalks that up to the cost of doing business, and guesses it would be offset by using fewer straws overall. Before the switch, she says the bars would go through 400 to 600 straws a month.But she doesn’t see the day when people will ban straws altogether.“Some people love their straws. They have nice lipstick or they have sensitive teeth. I think people will always use them.”Food service consultant Geoff Wilson agrees. Despite the social pressures and greater awareness, he says cost is still the determining factor in how most businesses choose to operate.While it might be relatively easy for a small, independent outlet to make the switch — with bars especially able to fold increased costs into the price of fancy cocktails — he doubted the broader industry would go biodegradable. Large chains, especially, would have a hard time, he suggested.“Take the cost of one straw — the differential — and multiply that by millions of straws,” says Wilson, principal at fsStrategy Inc.“The implication is pretty significant for margins for an operator. And operators’ margins are getting squeezed by everything else, including rising labour rates in Ontario. It’s going to be a real tough sell to get an operator to say, ‘Sure, I’ll go with a paper straw at 50 per cent more or whatever the amount is.’ It’s not going to happen.”He also doubted a consumer would pay more for a fancy straw.“And quite honestly, it’s pretty hard to drink a smoothie or an Iced Capp or whatever without a straw while you’re driving in the car. Unless you want to wear it.”Nevertheless, at least one big Canadian franchise has jumped aboard.Boston Pizza switched to biodegradable straws from plastic straws in January 2017, says spokeswoman Alexandra Cygal, noting it’s part of a broader strategy to switch all packaging to more eco-friendly versions.“Across our 380 restaurants in Canada, each restaurant might go through an average of maybe over 120,000 straws a year. So that’s a huge impact,” says Cygal.She calls it “a bigger hurdle” for bigger brands to pull off, especially a franchise business like Boston Pizza in which each restaurant is owned by a franchisee. She acknowledged that the added costs are passed down to those individual store owners.“We want it to be great for the environment, and definitely the kind of responsibility that we bear, we also want to be sure that the costs aren’t too high because we’re passing those down to the franchisee.”There’s certainly an opportunity for some businesses to market and build their brand by appearing eco-friendly, says Phillip Jacobsen of the online compostables retailer Greenmunch, based in Sherwood Park, Alta.He says his paper drinking straws have been a bestseller for over five years, with the biggest growth in the past year.While half of his business traditionally comes from individuals buying for parties, weddings, and special events, he says there’s growing demand from restaurants, bars, hotels, caterers and larger events.And these days, new businesses seem more likely to consider their eco-profile and work it into their brand, says Jacobsen. It doesn’t hurt that colourful paper straws photograph well and lend easily to Instagram and other social media promotion.Jacobsen says his corn straws also sell well, but he notes they must be diverted to a commercial compost facility in order to fully break down. That can be hit and miss, depending on the city you live in, he adds.In Toronto, Jennifer Wright of the advocacy group Green Shift bemoans a lack of support from some garbage haulers, noting she routinely hears complaints about collectors who refuse to believe their disposables are genuinely compostable.“The East Coast, for example, seems to be much more progressive in trying to really work with the compost facilities and support this, whereas in Toronto they love to just constantly say, ‘No,’” says Wright, president of Green Shift, which also distributes eco-friendly products including biodegradable straws.“Some places sell fake biodegradable and what happens is that it tarnishes everything because then the waste hauler will say, ‘Forget it, it’s all going to go to landfill.’”But making the switch is still worth fighting for, she says.“Don’t get discouraged if you can’t put it in compost right now, you have to realize you’re part of the change,” says Wright, who supplies most universities across the country as well as companies including Air Miles, HomeSense, Winners and Canadian Tire.Ch’ng Lancaster, too, says every small step helps.“We have so completely bought into this feeling that we deserve convenience as if it doesn’t cost something,” she says.“I do think small changes lead to bigger changes.”last_img read more

Trudeau holds town hall meeting in Winnipeg faces questions about immigration

first_imgWINNIPEG – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced questions on immigration, pipelines and Indigenous issues — and dealt with a few disruptions — during a town hall meeting with some 1,800 people at the University of Manitoba Wednesday night.Trudeau was asked by some people whether he would boost the number of immigrants accepted into Canada every year.Some people had personal questions, such as one woman who said a Nigerian friend was facing deportation and faced great danger if she returned to the African nation because she is a lesbian.One questioner asked Trudeau whether he was concerned about the number of people crossing the border illegally and claiming refugee status.Trudeau responded that Canada has obligations under international treaties to give asylum seekers a hearing, but also has the resources to ensure that people who are deemed not to be refugees are dealt with appropriately.“We always make sure that security is the first thing that is checked,” Trudeau said.One woman interrupted another questioner by shouting out opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project that would carry diluted bitumen from Alberta through British Columbia.She swore at the prime minister and security before leaving.Another man asked Trudeau to respect the British Columbia government’s plans to ban increased shipments of diluted bitumen off its coast until it can determine that shippers are prepared and able to properly clean up a spill. The move would limit expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain oil pipeline.He then shouted that Trudeau wasn’t providing a direct answer.A woman criticized Trudeau for the federal government’s summer-jobs program that requires groups to respect abortion rights.The crowd applauded loudly and drowned out the woman when Trudeau said groups that specifically hire students to oppose abortion rights should not be federally funded.“There are certain groups that are specifically dedicated to fighting abortion rights for women and inclusion of LGBT communities. And that is wrong,” he said.“That is not certainly not something the federal government should be funding summer students to do — to roll back the clock on women’s rights. That’s not going to happen.”The meeting, which lasted more than 90 minutes, also saw Trudeau questioned on the troubled inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women.He was asked what he would consider a successful outcome.“Ideally, it will provide closure and healing for the families, a measure of justice for victims, and most importantly, show us how to put an end to this ongoing national tragedy.”Trudeau is to hold town halls in Edmonton on Thursday and in Nanaimo, B.C., on Friday.Note to readers: This is a corrected story to clarify concerns raised about pipeline.last_img read more

Grewal rethinking decision to resign as MP says he has repaid gambling

first_imgOTTAWA — Liberal MP Raj Grewal says he has repaid his sizable gambling debts and is now reconsidering his hasty decision to quit politics.In a statement posted to his Facebook page late Friday, Grewal ended several days of silence, saying Canadians deserve to know the details of his personal troubles.Grewal’s sudden decision to step down as the member for the southern Ontario riding of Brampton East was prompted by a gambling problem that led him to incur significant personal debts, the Prime Minister’s Office said last week.A source with knowledge of events has told The Canadian Press that the RCMP began looking into Grewal’s casino gambling based on reports of unusually large financial transactions.In his message, Grewal said he began frequenting the Casino du Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Que., in early 2016, racking up personal debt in the millions of dollars playing high-stakes blackjack. He started to borrow money from family and friends to continue to gamble.“On an average sitting, I would spend between 15 to 30 minutes at a table, and I either won a lot of money, which made me continue to chase wins, or I lost a significant amount of money, which threw me into complete despair,” he says.“I want to make it clear, that every single personal loan made to me was by cheque. Everybody has been paid back, and every loan and repayment is transparent and traceable. This has nothing to do at all with anything sinister except to feed my own addiction. I apologize to my family for both having to financially bail me out and to carry this burden with me.”Grewal says he hid his compulsive gambling addiction “from absolutely everyone” — including his wife of four months — and suffered in silence until telling his family on Nov. 5. Their love and support gave him the courage to speak to the Prime Minister’s Office on Nov. 19, he says.After a brief conversation Nov. 21 with Liberal colleague Mark Holland, the chief government whip, Grewal was told he probably could not remain in caucus and should resign his seat, the Facebook message says. Grewal flew back to Brampton to tell his family.“In a highly emotional state, completely exhausted and facing an extreme time constraint, I made an unadvised and irrational statement on Facebook that I would be resigning my seat.”Grewal now says he will take a leave of absence from the Liberal caucus to focus on his mental health and recover, and make a final decision about his political future before Parliament resumes in the new year. “I do not take this decision lightly, as it is easier for my family and me to just fade away and avoid the daily media scrutiny this will bring.”A well-placed insider told The Canadian Press on Wednesday that if Grewal did not officially resign soon, he would be kicked out of the Liberal caucus.The federal ethics commissioner began an inquiry last May after two opposition MPs expressed concerns that Grewal might have been in a conflict of interest when he invited a construction executive — who was paying Grewal for legal services at the time — to official events with Trudeau during the prime minister’s trip to India this year.The Prime Minister’s Office acknowledged last week that the RCMP had made inquiries related to the ethics complaint against Grewal. But the insider said the PMO only recently realized that the Mounties’ questions might actually have been part of a broader investigation.— Follow @JimBronskill on TwitterJim Bronskill, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Teaching guide on genocide to be available in Quebec high schools this

first_imgMONTREAL — A foundation that educates young people about genocide says it is partnering with the Quebec government to offer high school teachers a guide on how to sensitize students to the warning signs leading to the systematic destruction of a group of people.Beginning this fall, a selection of high schools across Quebec will be offered the universal teaching guide on genocide as part of a pilot project, said Heidi Berger, head of The Foundation for Genocide Education. The goal is to have the guidebook in every public and private high school across the province by 2020, she said in an interview Friday.“The guide is going to give educators all the resources they need to be able to teach this sensitive topic with knowledge and confidence,” Berger said. As a daughter of Holocaust survivors who lived through the Second World War in a Polish ghetto, Berger said she learned early about the horrors of genocide.“My mother witnessed many cruel and violent acts,” she said. “Her brother and father taken away; the rape and murder of her best friend; the machine-gunning of her mother as she was hiding in an attic.”Berger worries young people aren’t being sufficiently exposed to the history of the Holocaust and of the genocides since then. If students are ignorant of history, she says, they won’t fully understand where hate and intolerance can lead.And she has some numbers to back up her concerns. A September 2018 survey that polled 1,100 Canadians, conducted by New York City-based Schoen Consulting, indicated 22 per cent of respondents between 18 and 34 years old were unaware or unsure if they heard of the Holocaust.The guide is composed of a series of case studies that explain the major genocides of the 20th century, including the horrors that took place in Germany and Poland, Armenia, and Rwanda.“The importance is that the students develop critical thinking so they understand intolerance and hate,” said Berger.She said the Quebec Education Department will decide how many schools will participate in the pilot project. A spokesperson for the department did not return a request for interview. Berger says her foundation and the Education Department are aiming to have the guides in every secondary school by next year.Kyle Matthews, executive director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies at Concordia University, was alongside Berger in meetings with the education minister to develop the guide.Most Holocaust survivors are elderly and every year there are fewer alive who can visit schools to talk about their experiences, Matthews said. He added that Quebec’s high school curriculum doesn’t included detailed lessons on genocide.“With the rise of the far-right and the far-left and terrorism around the world … we are in a very difficult moment and we need to learn the lessons about what happens when hate goes out of control,” he said.The lessons are all around us, Matthews said, pointing to ISIS recently attempting to destroy the Yazidis in Syria, the Rohingya being persecuted in Myanmar and China imprisoning up to one million Muslim Uighurs.Moreover, Canada has had a “really high” number of citizens who have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS, he added. A 2018 report on terrorism by Public Safety Canada indicated there were roughly 190 “Canadian extremist travellers” in the region and about 60 have returned home.“We have our own citizens who have travelled abroad and helped a group commit genocide,” Matthews said. “That’s not in the past — that’s the present.”Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Quebec report finds positive signs for French but bonjourhi still a concern

first_imgQUEBEC — A new report from Quebec’s language watchdog notes encouraging signs for the health of French in the province but raises an alarm about increased use of the bilingual “bonjour/hi” greeting in Montreal shops.In 2017, Quebec legislators were so concerned about creeping bilingualism they unanimously adopted a motion calling on store clerks to stick with a simple “bonjour” when welcoming customers. The report published Friday offers little comfort on that front.The Office quebecois de la langue francaise found that between 2010 and 2017, use of “bonjour/hi” in Montreal doubled, representing 8 per cent of all greetings in 2017. Exclusively English greetings also increased, occurring 17 per cent of the time in 2017, up from 12 per cent in 2010.French greetings remained the norm, but they were down to 75 per cent from 84 per cent over the same period.Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante made a pitch Friday for merchants to stick to French when greeting customers. “What I encourage is for our merchants to use ‘bonjour,’ period,” she told reporters at city hall. “Because everyone understands ‘bonjour,’ everyone likes it, it is something that brings people together.”The report notes that once the greeting is out of the way, French remains by far the predominant language spoken in Quebec stores. French was the language of service 96 per cent of the time, meaning incidents where someone could not be served in French were rare.And politicians’ concerns aside, the report notes that Quebecers — especially the younger generation — are increasingly indifferent to the language in which they are served. In 2012, 23 per cent of francophones aged 18 to 34 said it did not bother them to be served in a language other than French. By 2018, that figure had risen to 40 per cent.Both anglophones and allophones — those whose first language is neither French nor English — are more able to converse in French than was the case 20 years ago. In fact, 94 per cent of Quebecers reported they were able to hold a conversation in French in 2016.The report says workplaces have become more bilingual. Provincewide, 80 per cent of people used French most often at work in 2016, down slightly from 82 per cent in 2011. The percentage of employees using only French at work fell to 56 per cent in 2016 from 60 per cent five years earlier.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Senior continues fight to recover license after she couldnt do breathalyzer test

first_imgVICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – The battle isn’t over for a Victoria senior who lost her license after she couldn’t do a breathalyzer test. Norma McLeod is still without a driver license, but one Victoria lawyer is taking up the fight, noting McLeod wasn’t able to take the test due to her oral cancer treatment and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).“This is excessive,” says Jerry Steele. “This is case in point that it is catching people now who are outside the scope of the people they are intending to catch.”He says this is a perfect example of how the law gives too much power to the police, noting it also showcases how current roadside prohibition laws remove the need for police to have cause.RELATED: Senior fined for failing to comply, says medical issues prevented her blowing breath testMinister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth tells NEWS 1130 in a statement that the decision to change the Criminal Code to allow random testing was federal.“That said, my ministry is looking at whether there are limitations to the equipment used at the roadside – and the broader issue of fairness to those with legitimate medical conditions, much earlier in the process,” the statement says.Steele would like to see a judicial review on the case, as well as the law overall to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again, “We’re going after both.’“I am not a fan of impaired driving but I am of due process and there isn’t any in this,” he adds. “You are absolutely presumed guilty – your guilty until proven innocent in this system.”Steele says this isn’t a small, nor quick battle, but is one he’s willing to take to the Supreme Court.last_img read more

CBSA has removed fewer than 900 of 450000 irregular asylum seekers since

first_imgOTTAWA — New federal figures shows the Canada Border Services Agency has removed fewer than 900 asylum seekers who have crossed into Canada by exploiting a loophole in asylum laws.Since early 2017, more than 45,000 migrants have arrived in Canada “irregularly” by entering the country through a forest path between New York State and Quebec — avoiding official border checkpoints where they would be turned away and told to file a refugee claim in the United States.So far, only 866 have been removed from Canada after their refugee claims were rejected.The Immigration Department says a big reason the number is so low is because removal orders can only be enforced once an asylum seeker has exhausted all legal avenues to try to remain in the country.The avenues can include appeals of rejected claims, or undergoing a pre-removal risk assessments to determine whether sending a migrant back to their home country might put them in danger.CBSA says these processes take time to complete and limit the ability to remove irregular migrants more quickly.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Boeing to pay 100 million to crash families communities

first_imgBoeing says it’s providing $100 million over several years to help families and communities affected by two crashes of its 737 Max plane that killed 346 people.The company said Wednesday that some of the money will go toward living expenses and to cover hardship suffered by the families of dead passengers.Boeing faces dozens of lawsuits over the accidents. Relatives of passengers on a Lion Air Max that crashed off the coast of Indonesia agreed to try to settle through mediation, but families of passengers killed in an Ethiopian Airlines crash are waiting until more is known about the accidents.Preliminary investigations point to the role played by new software that pushed the planes’ noses down. Boeing is updating the software. Max jets have been grounded worldwide since March.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Maria Shriver And Olivia Munn Attend Courage In Journalism Awards

first_imgMore than 300 media personalities gathered in Los Angeles this week for the Courage in Journalism Awards, hosted by Aisha Tyler (CBS) and First Amendment Attorney Ted Boutrous, and attended by many accomplished women of the U.S. media and entertainment world, including Maria Shriver, Olivia Munn, Annette Bening, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Westfeldt, Mary Hart, Brooke Anderson and Louise Roe.Olivia Munn at IWMF Courage In Journalism AwardsCredit/Copyright: Vince Bucci for IWMF

The Awards were presented to Khadija Ismayilova, a radio reporter from Azerbaijan, Asmaa al-Goul, a freelance journalist from Gaza, and Reeyot Alemu, an imprisoned Ethiopian columnist, for their courageous reporting under difficult and sometimes life-threatening circumstances.Chelsea Handler at IWMF Courage in Journalism AwardsCredit/Copyright: Vince Bucci for IWMF

”This event which I come to just about every year, always humbles me deeply. And it always inspires me. These amazing women encourage me. Their stories uplift me. Their work astounds me and leaves me in awe. It’s so good to know that these women and so many others like them are out there every day, risking their lives and their livelihoods in pursuit of the truth. All of us here tonight and around the world are beneficiaries of their courage, their voices and their noble struggle”, Peabody-winning journalist Maria Shriver told the audience.
Annette Bening at IWMF Courage in Journalism AwardsCredit/Copyright: Vince Bucci for IWMF
Ted Boutrous, filling in for Cindi Leive (Glamour) who was unable to emcee the event due to suspended air travel from New York, explained: “The IWMF does vast, far-ranging work – all with the core principal that no press is truly free and no news is truly representative without women’s voices.” “And around the world, women journalists still face incredible obstacles. Many of them work in countries where it’s dangerous just to be a woman, and doubly so to be a woman asking questions and taking names”, Aisha Tyler added.Maria Shriver at IWMF Courage in Journalism AwardsCredit/Copyright: Vince Bucci for IWMF

The 2012 IWMF Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Zubeida Mustafa, the first female editor in the Pakistani mainstream media and a true trailblazer who paved the way for Pakistani women to ascend to the leadership ranks of her country’s news media.

In addition to honoring women journalists who have shown tremendous courage in the exercise of their profession, the ceremony also paid tribute to women journalists who have given their lives to report about domestic and armed violence, corruption and abuse of power, injustice and tyranny – including Marie Colvin and Mika Yamamoto who died reporting from the conflict in Syria earlier this year.

The 2012 Courage in Journalism Awards in Los Angeles have been made possible through the generous support of Bank of America and Chevron.

Founded in 1990 by a group of prominent U.S. women journalists, the International Women’s Media Foundation is a Washington-based organization that is dedicated to strengthening the role of women journalists worldwide. The IWMF empowers women with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to serve as a prominent voice on global issues. The IWMF’s programs provide training, support, and advancement for women journalists worldwide. At the core of the IWMF’s mission is the belief that no press is truly free unless women have an equal voice.last_img read more

Cedric The Entertainer To Host Celebrity Charity Golf

first_imgCedric the Entertainer is pleased to announce the launch of The Inaugural Cedric “The Entertainer” Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday August 12 at the world class Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo.This charity fundraiser will benefit The Kyles Family Foundation, The Brotherhood Crusade of Los Angeles and The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo in their support to providing invaluable services and programs aiding youth and their families.Guests include: Cedric “The Entertainer”, Don Cheadle, Anthony Anderson, Barry Bonds, Rick Fox, Dondre Whitfield, Dr. J, George Lopez, Jerry Rice, Salli Richardson, Willie Gault, Chris Spencer, Cobi Jones, Eric Dickerson, Jim Hill, Marcus Johnson, Ronnie Lott, Royce Clayton, and many more!Cedric’s universal appeal, versatility and tremendous career successes spanning television, live performances, and film have solidified his standing as one of the premier entertainers in the world. As a philanthropist, his tireless and long-standing commitment to “Using Laughter To Build Character” has changed the lives of countless young people nationwide.The Inaugural Celebrity Golf Classic will tee off at 10am, after breakfast and a putting contest. Cedric “The Entertainer” and his 200 guests will enjoy the spectacular views of the Topa Topa Mountains, surrounding countryside and the Pacific Ocean as they take on the championship golf course.One of the most highly acclaimed course in California will allow for a friendly, intimate golf experience, raising funds for worthy causes. Sponsors will be present around all holes, including: Xerox, Mattel, Brand Jordan, Nestle, and Kettle One.As a thank you to the various celebrities attending the event, GBK is creating their renowned thank you lounge. One of the golfers in attendance will also have the chance to bid on the opportunity to walk though the gift lounge while supporting all of the causes.The beautiful Spanish style clubhouse will host a cocktail reception and awards ceremony following the tournament. A true highlight of the evening will be the silent and live auction to raise funds for the causes.The Kyles Family Foundation (KFF) is a non-profit tax exempt organization, founded in 2009. The foundation was established for “the purpose of teaching life skills, such as healthy eating, physical education, and academics to urban youth throughout the nation — To build confidence and self-esteem enabling them to navigate through life with a sense of purpose.” Through mentoring programs, strategic alliances and community outings, KFF will introduce our underserved “at risk” youth to invaluable life lessons and experiences. Topics and workshops include personal hygiene, exercise classes, beauty treatments, and some pampering — All relative to building confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, Etiquette Training Workshops centering on table settings, dining etiquette, and the value of nutritionally balanced meals are offered through KFF.The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo provides programs for young people between the ages of six and eighteen that will inspire them to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens. Their vision is to aspire to serve the youth and community by developing strong future leaders, instilling integrity, honesty, respect and foresight, and providing a fun and safe environment for all who walk through their doors. The Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo serves over 3,000 youth in Ventura County, offering a positive place for kids in those crucial after-school hours. The club is considered a second home and provides professional staff members that offer guidance and leadership as positive role models. For more information click here.The Brotherhood Crusade is a not-for-profit institution founded in 1968 to provide necessary resources, program services and a voice of advocacy to traditionally underserved communities. Its mission is to remove and/or help individuals overcome the barriers that deter their pursuit of success and facilitate opportunities for a better quality of life, by promoting health and wellness, enhancing educational opportunities, cultivating economic growth and building community agencies and institutions. For more information click here.last_img read more

Steve Martin To Be Honored At Backstage At The Geffen Fundraiser

first_imgNext year’s eagerly awaited “Backstage at the Geffen” will honor The Walt Disney Studios Chairman, Alan F. Horn, with the Distinction in Service Award and multi-talented entertainer Steve Martin with the Distinction in Theater Award at the ninth annual fundraiser, slated for Saturday, March 22, 2014.The evening brings together prominent members of the artistic, entertainment, philanthropic and business communities to celebrate the accomplishments of industry leaders and raise funds to benefit the Geffen Playhouse’s artistic initiatives.Steve Carell hosts the irreverent evening of laughter, music and stories featuring personal “backstage” memories and songs by a cavalcade of stars preceding the award ceremony in the Gil Cates Theater. Honorary Co-Chairs are Robert Iger and Willow Bay and Ron and Kelly Meyer.Funds raised are earmarked for a host of Geffen Playhouse endeavors including new play development, playwright commissions, second productions and artistic risks, as well as the theater’s award-winning education and outreach programs, which help bring the excitement of live theater to more than 15,000 disadvantaged youth, seniors and veterans annually. Last year’s event raised over $1.2 million for these programs.“Backstage at the Geffen” title sponsor, City National Bank returns for the fifth year and is joined by presenting sponsors, Audi of America and Social.The Geffen Playhouse has been a hub of the Los Angeles theater scene since opening in 1995. Noted for its intimacy and celebrated for its world-renowned mix of classic and contemporary plays, provocative new works and second productions, the Geffen Playhouse continues to present a body of work that has garnered national recognition. Named in honor of entertainment mogul and philanthropist David Geffen, who made the initial donation to the theater, the company was founded by Gilbert Cates, and is currently helmed by Artistic Director Randell Arney, Managing Director Ken Novice, General Manager Behnaz Ataee, Chief Development Officer Regina Miller and newly elected Board Chairs, Martha Henderson and Pamela Robinson Hollander.Proudly associated with UCLA, the Geffen Playhouse welcomes an audience of more than 130,000 each year, and maintains an extensive education and outreach program, designed to engage young people and the community at large in the arts. Visit Newswirelast_img read more

Hillary Clinton And Michael Bloomberg To Announce New Partnerships to Close Gender

first_imgFormer Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, 108th Mayor of New York City Michael R. Bloomberg, United Nations Foundation President and CEO Kathy Calvin, and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton will bring together leading experts for a discussion on the vital role data plays in closing gender gaps, and how lack of data can inhibit progress for women and girls globally.The event will take place Monday, Dec. 15, 2014, at Bloomberg Philanthropies in New York City.The event will highlight the work of Data2X – a partnership launched by Secretary Clinton in July 2012 to identify and spur efforts to fill gender data gaps – and unveil new partnerships to improve data collection and use for women and girls. Better gender data are needed to guide policies, set targets, and monitor progress for women and girls.The event will feature keynote remarks from Michael R. Bloomberg and Secretary Clinton, as well as an expert panel moderated by Chelsea Clinton.last_img read more

Patricia Arquette Joins Forces With Chideo To Give Love To Those Who

first_imgFresh off her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress (“Boyhood”), humanitarian Patricia Arquette is launching an awareness and fundraising campaign with Chideo to support GiveLove, the non-profit organization she co-founded in 2010 to support ecological sanitation and composting, community development projects, and housing construction after Haiti’s devastating earthquake.Patricia Arquette and Chideo team up to raise money for GiveLoveAs Chideo’s newest Celebrity Ambassador, Arquette wants to leverage both her professional success and the power of the charity network to shine a light on critical public health issues in developing countries and inspire her fans to make a difference.Video: Win a Trip with Patricia Arquette’s GiveLove to Those Who Need it Most Experience“I’ve always loved acting, but when I started my work with GiveLove, I realized the most important work of my life was not going to be acting. The most important work of my life was going to be making sure people had improved sanitation,” Arquette said. “I’m grateful for this moment (in my acting career), and I feel like this moment is happening because it’s the work we’re all supposed to be doing.”Staying true to her hands-on approach, Arquette is offering one lucky fan and a guest the opportunity to spend the weekend with her at one of GiveLove’s international project sites. This boots-on-the-ground experience is an inspirational adventure that will change the lives of all involved. Here’s how it works: between now and March 26, 2015, visit or download the free app, watch Arquette’s exclusive videos, and donate a minimum of $10 to GiveLove for a chance to win the “Give Love to Those Who Need it Most Experience.” In addition to extra contest entries, donations of $25 or more receive the following rewards: • $25: Donor receives a digital thank you video from Patricia Arquette • $50: Donor receives a signed photo of Patricia Arquette and a digital thank you video • $100: Donor receives a CD of the “Boyhood” movie soundtrack • $500: Donor receives a coffee table book about the making of “Boyhood” signed by Patricia (only 50 available)For complete details (including free entry method) and to register for a chance to win, please visit or download the free Chideo app, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at, and for Android devices here.last_img read more

Soledad OBrien to Host The Womens Media Center 2018 Womens Media Awards

first_imgThe WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER announces their host and honorees for the 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS, to be held on November 1st, at Capitale in New York City.WMC AWARDS will be presented to outstanding leaders and champions for women in media, including Lisa Borders, Abigail Disney, Fatima Goss Graves, Cindy Holland, Maria Teresa Kumar, and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.Soledad O’Brien, three-time Emmy-winning anchor and producer of “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien,” founder and CEO of Starfish Media Group, and a past WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER honoree, will host the WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS.WMC YOUNG JOURNALIST AWARDS will be presented to Neha Madhira and Haley Stack.The 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS Honorees are: Lisa Borders, first President and CEO of Time’s Up and Retiring President of the National Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA), will receive the WMC Carol Jenkins Award. At the WNBA, Borders brought physical and financial opportunities to women that were once available only to men, and proved that women’s bodies are instruments, not ornaments. The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER is recognizing Borders for the ways she has helped bring women into the media picture – from her days at the city council and work in Atlanta-area politics, her corporate leadership at the Coca-Cola Company, and most recently her incredibly successful turn as president of the WNBA. As a leader in sports, she represented the change we so desperately seek, both for the athletes for whom she advocates, and the scores of young girls and women for whom she is an inspiring example of who women are and can be. The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER is especially happy to be celebrating Lisa Borders on the first day of her new job as the first President and CEO of Time’s Up.“I am so thrilled the WMC is honoring Lisa Borders. She is a true example of inspiring and empowering women,” says Carol Jenkins, former and founding President of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “As Lisa says, ’I’m a girl, a woman of color. That means that nine times out of ten I’ve been underestimated.’ Her work with the WNBA, bringing women into the main ‘arena’ to be visible — and well paid —means that underestimation is turning into respect. For that, and a lifetime of good works in government, philanthropy, and the corporate world, we are so happy to thank her.” Abigail Disney, Emmy-winning director and producer, philanthropist, CEO and president of Fork Films, will receive the WMC Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award. Disney’s documentaries and films have advanced women’s roles in the public sphere focusing on social issues and spotlighting extraordinary people who speak truth to power. She recently founded Level Forward, a female-led media studio that will share profits with on-the-ground programs for women and girls.“Abby Disney is a force — a disrupter, an activist, a filmmaker, a philanthropist — a woman who understands the power of stories well told to change minds, influence opinion, put new ideas into the culture, shift culture, and compel change,” says Pat Mitchell, Co-Chair of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “She is a powerful woman who knows how to use her power for good — including the ultimate power of ownership, which she and her new company, Level Forward, will leverage to change the representation of women in every aspect of media. For her commitment to being an advocate for other women and for putting forward the issues others fear to tackle, for her track record as an award-winning filmmaker and storyteller, and her accomplishments, as well as her audacious and important ideas for the future, I am excited to recognize Abby Disney with this year’s WMC Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award.” Cindy Holland, head of programming and original series at Netflix, will receive the WMC Visible and Powerful in Media Award. Holland listens to viewers and has brought us new voices ranging from the great stand-up comic/tragic, Hannah Gadsby, to the worlds of Shonda Rhimes.“Cindy Holland deserves this recognition for her advocacy for women in film and television, for her leadership and support of the We Rule Campaign, LGBTQ issues, and for helping Hollywood understand that by providing a slate of programming by and for women, she is giving audiences more characters and stories to which they can relate. Cindy has put women — of all ages and colors — in front of and behind the camera,” says Jane Fonda, Co-Founder of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “She is a highly innovative and visionary head of programming and shining example of strength and integrity as a longtime advocate for women in the entertainment industry.”This year, the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER has created a new award: the WMC Progressive Women’s Voices IMPACT Award, to celebrate the exceptional achievements and impact of the women leaders and alumnae in our WMC Progressive Women’s Voices program. The first ever WMC Progressive Women’s Voices IMPACT Award Honorees will be: Fatima Goss Graves, CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and director of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund; Maria Teresa Kumar, President of Voto Latino and MSNBC contributor; and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.“We are so proud of the WMC Progressive Women’s Voices program for its work on building an inclusive democracy and media by training diverse women leaders to use the media to augment the power of their voices and causes,” says Maya Harris, Co-Chair of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “Our inaugural WMC Progressive Women’s Voices IMPACT Award highlights three of our stand-out alumnae successes.”“Under the inspired leadership of Maria Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino is amplifying the Latino voice,” says Harris. “Using both cutting edge technology and civic engagement they have registered over a quarter of a million voters, and are not only training a pipeline of Latino leaders, but investing in Latino entrepreneurs as well. Maria Teresa is a leader who speaks from the heart and champions the stories of the Latino community. She is helping to shape America’s future.”“Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian-American woman in the House of Representatives, has been working internationally and domestically for women’s, immigrant, civil, and human rights for decades,” adds Harris. “After September 11, Pramila founded Hate Free Zone (now OneAmerica) in the wake of discrimination and civil liberties abuses against Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians. A former state senator, where she fought for gender equity, to increase the state minimum wage, and for expanded access to contraception for all women, Pramila is one of the most powerful and influential voices fighting for the rights of refugees arriving at our borders.”“Fatima Goss Graves is a talented lawyer, an impactful advocate, and a visionary leader,” says Harris. “She has fought to advance opportunities for women and girls on issues ranging from income security and education access, to reproductive health and workplace fairness. She regularly testifies before Congress and federal agencies, and works to ensure we understand, amplify, and address the experiences and interconnected threats facing LGBTQ people, women of color, immigrant women, and low-income families.” The first ever WMC Young Journalists Award honorees will be: Neha Madhira and Haley Stack — respectively Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor of the Prosper High School Student News Website, Eagle Nation Online. After the Texas school’s principal censored the publication, Madhira and Stack fought back on behalf of journalistic freedom for young journalists.“High School journalists Neha Madhira and Haley Stack faced the challenge of censorship personally and at a young age, and they met it head on,” says Robin Morgan, Co-Founder of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “Their courage, dedication, and integrity exemplify the best of a new generation: tomorrow’s journalists and free press defenders. They give us hope.”The WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS recognize and honor game-changers for women in media. By deciding who gets to talk, what creates debate, who is the writer, and what is made visible, media shapes our understanding of who we are and what we can become.“The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER has spent over a decade training women leaders to be heard, seen, and read in online, on-air, and print journalism, and also researching and exposing sexism and racism in media,” says Gloria Steinem, Co-Founder of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “Our awards will celebrate Lisa Borders on her first day on her new job as the first president and CEO of Times’s Up and Fatima Goss Graves, CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and director of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. They are a testament to the power of #MeToo, as is WMC’s 15-month investigation on how the movement has affected press coverage of sexual assault. This report, and others we produce, help shine a light on the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women in media and the important work WMC does on behalf of all women.”“Over the past year, a historic shift in media has happened. Propelled by the #MeToo revelations, many survivors — previously invisible — have been heard for the first time, and media has been consumed by the downfall of powerful men,” says Julie Burton, President of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER. “The WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS celebrate women who, despite systemic cultural and institutional bias, have broken barriers in politics, sports, and media. Their voices, their impact, and their power are profound.”WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER Co-Founders, Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem, will all be attending the gala and speaking.The 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS Co-Chairs are:Loreen Arbus, Lauren Embrey, Jane Fonda, Maya L. Harris, Mellody Hobson, Pat Mitchell, Robin Morgan, Sheryl Sandberg, Regina K. Scully, Gloria Steinem, Mary and Steven Swig, and Gail B. Tifford. Proceeds from these awards support the work of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER to make women visible and powerful in media.Past WMC honorees include Hillary Clinton, April Ryan, Maria Hinojosa, Ashley Judd, Luvvie Ajayi, Christiane Amanpour, Amma Asante, Laura Bates, Samantha Bee, Ursula Burns, Katie Couric, Sady Doyle, Mona Eltahawy, Sarah Hoye, Gwen Ifill & Judy Woodruff, Sheila C. Johnson, Laura Ling & Lisa Ling, Lara Logan, Pat Mitchell, Martha Nelson, Soledad O’Brien, Salma Hayek Pinault, Elianne Ramos, Joy Reid, Yanique Richards, Anita Sarkeesian, Regina K. Scully, Mary Thom (posthumously), Marlo Thomas, Barbara Walters, Padmasree Warrior, Lindy West, and Maggie Wilderotter.To buy tickets or for more information about the 2018 WOMEN’S MEDIA AWARDS and the ongoing work of the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER, go to: read more


first_img Login/Register With: Twitter Advertisement The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) is calling for submissions for the 2018 JUNO Awards. Submissions open today Monday, October 2 and close Friday, November 10 at Week 2018 will be hosted in Vancouver from March 19 through March 25, 2018.KEY SUBMISSION DATES:October 2, 2017 – Submissions openedOctober 20, 2017; 5 p.m. EST – Deadline for discounted early-bird submissionsNovember 10, 2017; 5 p.m. EST – Deadline for submissionsDecember 1, 2017 – Submissions for International Album of the Year and Album of the Year openJanuary 4, 2018; 5 p.m. EST – Submissions for International Album of the Year and Album of the Year close Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebook Advertisement SUBMISSION ELIGIBILITY:Eligibility for the 2018 JUNO Awards applies to music released for national sale between September1,2016 and November 10, 2017. Albums available for pre-order online no later than November 10, 2017 will also qualify. Pre-ordered online albums will need to be available no later than November 24, 2017.Eligible musicians are Canadian Citizens, which are defined by CARAS to be that where a majority of the group members hold Canadian birth certificates, passports or are Canadian Permanent Resident(s) with residency in Canada during the last six months of the eligibility period.For a complete list of JUNO Awards categories, eligibilityrules and voting criteria, visit Note: Save up to 40% on submissions by signing up as a CARAS Academy Delegate at has also introduced the following changes this year:Comedy Album of the YearCARAS is pleased to announce the return of the Comedy Album of the Year category sponsored by SiriusXM Canada. Eligible comedy albums must be available for national sale and recorded by a comedic performer or performers of any of the following disciplines: stand-up, sketch, improvisation, and musical comedy. The nominees and winners will be determined by a judge vote.Francophone Album of the YearThe nominees for Francophone Album of the Year will now be determined by equal weight of consumption and judge vote. The final round will be determined by judges.Rap Recording of the YearThe winner for Rap Recording of the Year will now be determined by an Academy Delegate vote.Album Artwork of the YearThe Recording Package of the Year category has been changed to Album Artwork of the Year in order to more clearly define the category criteria for those interested in submitting.Website:, www.junoawards.caTwitter: @TheJUNOAwardsInstagram: @TheJUNOAwardsPwC is the Official Ballot Accountants for the 2018 JUNO Awards.Premier Partners of the 2018 JUNO Awards: CARAS acknowledges the financial support of FACTOR, the Government of Canada and of Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters, the Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver and TD Bank Group.About CARASThe Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences/L’académiecanadienne des arts et des sciences de l’enregistrement (CARAS) is a not-for-profit organization created to preserve and enhance the Canadian music industry and to contribute toward higher artistic and industry standards. The main Focus of CARAS is the exploration and development of ongoing opportunities to showcase and promote Canadian artists and music through vehicles such as The JUNO Awards and other year-round initiatives. For more information on the JUNO Awards or The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) please visit read more


first_img Facebook Advertisement Twitter “I struggled with this idea of considering myself an actress, because I always read these stories of actors growing up who always entertained their families, and to be honest, I didn’t,” says Sidhu over tea one rainy Sunday in Kitsilano. “That was actually a very big reason I struggled for the first few years of my pursuing acting to tell anyone that I was an actor, because I never considered myself to be an authentic, real actress.” LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement Sandy Sidhu – Photo by Kevin Clark, IMDB Sandy Sidhu might have acted opposite Jesse Williams on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, but it wasn’t that long ago that the Vancouver actress was barrelling towards a completely different career: practicing medicine, rather than acting on television’s highest-rated medical drama.Hindsight is 20/20, but there were signs in Sidhu’s childhood that, in retrospect, clearly pointed to a career in showbiz rather than medicine. Sidhu – who grew up on Vancouver Island – demonstrated artistic inclinations at a young age, first as a visual artist inspired by anime, Disney films, and Michael Turner comic books, and then, throughout high school, on stage in various musical theatre productions.Even though Sidhu was undeniably artistic and particularly enjoyed being on stage (“I remember that first feeling of getting on stage in front of an audience, crossing from stage right to left and getting to the front of the stage and looking out and I just felt this magnetic energy, and I was hooked”), she says she always stopped short of calling herself an actress, and never once considered it as a viable career option. SANDY SIDHU LINKS:IMDB: BY: RED MANAGEMENT Login/Register With:last_img read more