Billy Strings Brings His Prodigious Pickin’ Prowess To Prescott Park [Photos/Video]

first_imgYoung picker William Apostol, better known as Billy Strings, is currently in the midst of a busy summer tour schedule. On Wednesday, July 25th, Strings brought his youthful four-piece to Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s Prescott Park, the waterfront space complete with beautiful flower gardens and rabbits hopping through the crowd. The park’s stage was also set up for a play that’s currently running at the venue, so Billy and company delivered their two-set performance in front of a Dr. Seuss-like cartoon castle set.While tickets to the performance were free of charge, forecasts of rain kept the crowd on the smaller side. However, the rain ended up holding off, and those brave enough to bet against the weathermen were treated to a characteristically impressive performance from the 25-year-old Michigan native. In addition to a large selection of his original material and select covers, Strings’ New Hampshire performance included a rendition of the Grateful Dead‘s “Me & My Uncle” in addition to a pronounced “Dark Star” jam during the second set.Billy and his band have a handful of summer dates left, beginning today with a set at Twiddle‘s Tumble Down festival in Burlington, VT. Billy Strings has no plans to slow down after his summer tour. He recently released an extensive list of fall tour dates that will keep him on the road from the end of September through the beginning of December. For a full list of Billy Strings’ upcoming tour dates, head over to his official website.Watch fan-shot, side stage footage of Billy Strings’ “Streamlined Cannonball” encore below:Billy Strings – “Streamlined Cannonball” [Roy Acuff cover][Video: Jim Bauw]You can view a gallery of photos from Billy Strings’ Wednesday, July 25th performance at Portsmouth, NH’s Prescott Park below via photographer Vic Brazen (@wnwmedia)Setlist: Billy Strings | Prescott Park | Portsmouth, NH | 7/25/18Set One: Home of the Red Fox > Airmail Special, Turmoil & Tinfoil, While I’m Waiting Here > Pyramid Country > Train TrainSet Two: Dust in a Baggie > So Many Miles, Ernest T. Grass > Hobo Song, New Camptown Races > Unwanted Love > New Camptown Races, Meet Me at the Creek, Me & My Uncle > Living Like an AnimalEncore: Streamlined CannonballBilly Strings | Prescott Park | Portsmouth, NH | 7/25/18 | Photos: Vic Brazen Photo: Vic Brazen Load remaining imageslast_img read more

ND, SMC students injured in crash

A Notre Dame junior and a Saint Mary’s junior were taken to Memorial Hospital after a car accident on U.S. 12 in Niles, Michigan, on Saturday night.The hospital confirmed both students were still in critical condition Sunday afternoon.The car was heading east on a bridge over the St. Joseph River when the driver lost control and spun across the center line, where it was struck by a westbound car, Michigan State Trooper Jim McGaffigan said.Both students were entrapped in the car with injuries, McGaffigan said. While emergency workers were attempting to extricate the passengers, another eastbound vehicle struck a fire truck protecting the scene, which was pushed into the car with the students still inside it, he said.The students did not sustain any major injuries from the second accident, McGaffigan said.The University declined to comment on the condition of the students due to privacy constraints. However, administrators have remained in contact with the student’s family, University spokesperson Dennis Brown said in an email.“We keep their son and others injured in our prayers,” Brown said.The father of one of the students was driving the car and also taken to the hospital, McGaffigan said.McGaffigan said icy road conditions were likely the cause of both crashes. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor.Editor’s note: A previous version of this article said the driver of the car had been released from the hospital Saturday night. The driver was in stable condition, but stayed overnight in the hospital.Tags: car accident, Notre Dame, saint mary’s, students read more

Australia’s largest steelmaker inks major solar power deal

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享ABC:Australia’s biggest steel company is investing in a major new solar farm in a bid to cut energy costs and improve reliability.Bluescope and ESCO Power signed a seven-year deal in Wollongong on Friday, in what is the country’s largest-ever solar power-purchasing agreement. It will result in the steelmaker underwriting the construction of a 500,000-panel solar farm at Finley in the NSW Riverina region.Bluescope chief executive of steel products John Nowlan said power generated from the solar plant would meet 20 percent of the company’s energy needs. “As you can imagine, we’re a large user of electricity. What we’re balancing is the need for reliable power, low-cost power and clean power, so this is a step in the right direction on all those fronts,” Nowlan said. “We’ve been working very hard over the last few years to make sure that our steelmaking operations here in the Illawarra in particular are competitive,” he said.“Over the last couple of years our electricity costs have more than doubled, and they’ve gone up by something like $50 million over the last 12 months or so. That’s a significant increase in our costs, and what we’re trying to do is put downward pressure on our energy costs, and this arrangement helps us to do that.”NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin said it was a good example of the private sector taking action in arresting rising power costs.Large-scale solar farms have been popping up right across inland NSW, and Mr. Harwin said solar, along with hydro and wind, would lead the energy transition. “There’s no doubt the cost structure of renewables is changing. Once upon a time it was a very expensive technology. It’s now becoming very fast the cheapest new build,” Harwin said.More: Steel giant Bluescope turns to solar in largest power-purchasing deal of its kind Australia’s largest steelmaker inks major solar power deallast_img read more

Local bars ready for judicial campaign season

first_imgLocal bars ready for judicial campaign season June 1, 2002 Managing Editor Regular News Local bars ready for judicial campaign season Mark D. Killian Managing EditorA number of local bar associations have cranked up their judicial campaign practice committees in an effort to monitor and promote good, clean judicial races.Generally, the panels ask judicial candidates to sign a letter of agreement that they will be bound by the edicts of Canon 7 of the Code of Judicial Conduct and any procedures put forth by the campaign committees, and the panels provide fast advice or review of a proposed or actual campaign action.Lawyers involved say the monitoring programs work because they emphasize the importance of integrity and professionalism among candidates and the impact campaign conduct has on public trust and confidence in the judicial system.At least one local bar, however, has abandoned its effort, citing the limited repercussions for the candidates who choose not to participate.Mike Stebbins, who was instrumental in the creation of the Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar’s program, said it can be successful as long as the candidates buy in to it, and because it resolves disputes quickly.“I think that kind of immediate response really helps to keep the campaign on track. Otherwise if you file a complaint somewhere else. . . [such as with the Judicial Qualifications Commission] you are not going to get that type of immediate response, because the system is not meant to work that way,” Stebbins said.Ted Deckert, chair of the Palm Beach County Bar’s commission, said his panel spends a lot of time educating candidates about the rules that apply to judicial races.“The more we can do to let them know ahead of time what to watch out for and the kinds of mistakes that are often made by judicial candidates. . . the more we can do to prevent them from accidentally making a mistake,” Deckert said.Deckert also said the monitoring programs work well with the judicial campaign conduct forums, which this year are set for the first week of June in each circuit with contested races. Sponsored by the Supreme Court, the Bar, the chief judges, and the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee, the forums emphasize the rules of campaigning and the importance of integrity and professionalism among candidates. (See story in the May 1 News. )Another value, Deckert said, is they make it clear that the Supreme Court will not tolerate rules violations.“Candidates for judicial office should be well aware that they win nothing if they win elections by violating Canon 7,” Chief Justice Charles Wells said in announcing the dates of this year’s forums. “They can and will be disciplined, and the discipline can include removal from office.”Jonathan Goodman, chair of the Dade County Bar’s program, which was created in 1986 and is considered the granddaddy of judicial campaign practice committees, said almost all candidates strive to do the right thing, and there are practical reasons for them to participate. Those who don’t, he said, run the risk of having the local press report their reluctance to participate.“If I’m a voter and I hear there are 20 judicial candidates in Dade County for certain open spots and 18 of them have signed the pledge and made the commitment and two of them haven’t, I might wonder what is wrong with those two candidates,” Goodman said.But the possibility of negative publicity didn’t prove to be a big enough incentive to get all of the Orlando-area candidates on board with the Orange County Bar’s program, and it has now been disbanded, according to President Mary Ann Morgan.“There were a couple of candidates who just did not comply, so it became quite a frustration for the other candidates who were trying to run their campaign in accordance with the desires of the commission, and then there were candidates who, frankly, thumbed their nose at it and did not do it,” Morgan said. “We were disappointed and so were the other candidates, because if your desire is to run an up-and-up campaign, then it becomes tough because you feel you are hamstrung and your opponent is not.”Bruce Blackwell, who in the past co-chaired the Orange County campaign commission, said during the last election cycle, which resulted in six contested races, all but two candidates signed the entire agreement vowing to follow the edicts of Canon 7 and to submit any complaint over campaign activities to the commission. One challenger to an incumbent judge agreed to follow the canon, but refused to allow the commission to resolve any dispute. The other, also a challenger, refused to sign the agreement.“As a consequence, because it was a local bar committee without any statutory or rule power from the Florida Supreme Court, we did not feel as though we could hear a complaint or enforce a complaint against those who did not agree to abide by the provisions,” Blackwell said. “And there were concerns that candidates who had not executed the document would initiate a lawsuit against those volunteer, senior members of the bar who would hear the complaint.”Morgan, who noted both candidates who refused to participate were defeated, still thinks judicial campaign practice committees are a “fabulous idea,” if the repercussions glitch can be worked out. Morgan also said for the program to be successful the local media has to buy into the idea and report on which candidates have or have not agreed to participate.Palm Beach’s Deckert also said the involvement of the local press is key because it is the “one lever” available to expose questionable campaign practices. He said the local press in Palm Beach County has been quick in the past to publicize the opinions released by the committee.Deckert also said the PBCBA has gone to great lengths to make clear its opinions are only advisory and rendered to provide guidance to the candidates.Dade Bar Executive Director Johnnie Ridgely said this year’s panel is in place and is waiting for campaigns to begin.“Until qualifying closes, you don’t know what you will have,” Ridgely said. “We have one race down here that has five candidates at this point and only one incumbent that has opposition.”Dade’s Goodman said all the candidates will be invited to a meeting where they will be asked to sign the pledge that they will abide by the Canon 7 rules.“We then serve as sort of a court in that we don’t reach out on our own and get involved in controversies even if we see something that might be inappropriate,” Goodman said. “We in effect wait for someone to file a written grievance with us.”Once the commission receives a written complaint, a copy is forwarded to the alleged offender for a response.“Most of the time the candidate about whom there is a complaint sends a response, and we turn that around almost immediately and send that response over to the person who filed the complaint, and then they sometimes file a reply,” Goodman said. “We then take all of that information,. . . convene the committee, and issue an opinion.”“We hope that we do some good, as it is a shame that we need them, but hopefully, as the years go by, our work will decrease over time to the point where they are no longer necessary.” Goodman said. “That would be a wonderful goal to reach.”last_img read more

Discipline delivers results

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Stuart R. Levine Founded in 1996, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC is an international strategic planning and leadership development company with focus on adding member value by strengthening corporate culture.SL&A … Web: Details Discipline leads to success.   For organizations, this means staying focused on creating and maintaining a healthy culture, excellent customer service, the effective use of your team’s time and the consistent, rigorous progress toward your goals, regardless of the economic environment or uncontrollable events. Your organization’s success is a matter of choice, not circumstance.Discipline and self-control will give your organization power. The Latin origin of discipline (discipulus) means instruction, knowledge and learning. The concept involves self-regulation in order to improve. Those in a disciplined organization consistently act in accordance with values, long-term goals and challenging performance standards. They have the inner will to do what it takes to create a great outcome, no matter the difficulty. The disciplined leader accepts the harsh conditions of the uncertain, ever-changing world without excuses or complaints.Our clients see the importance of this disciplined, steady approach. For example, one of our healthcare clients who was seeking substantial improvement in patient satisfaction and outcomes set challenging multi-year goals within the context of a clear, smart plan. They made steady progress despite the fact that the economic and regulatory environment was in flux. State and federal regulations changed, especially as the Affordable Care Act was implemented. All through this difficult time, our client persevered, making steady improvement quarter after quarter. Dashboard metrics provided all levels of the team with the information they needed to advance. Discipline throughout the organization built teamwork and the management, communication and technology systems required for success. Confidence grew as the team saw consistent strides towards its goal. Yes, the environment was “harsh” with massive change buffeting the healthcare industry, but everyone’s disciplined focus brought steady progress in patient satisfaction and outcomes.For another client, the focus was on improving the use of valuable professional time. An important aspect was to optimally and effectively conduct meetings. A recent HBR study showed that the companies that most effectively used employee time, thereby boosting productivity, had a 180% higher total shareholder return over 10 years than those that were the least effective. Often, a lack of discipline allows unnecessary meetings to occur and even proliferate. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unnecessary meetings cost U.S. businesses approximately $37 billion each year.We assisted our client in implementing an in-person and on-line learning program to teach the company effective meeting execution. With everyone on the same page, our client shifted its culture to a disciplined approach. Meetings only happen when required.   The norm is to consistently use well-planned agendas, limit the time allotted to a meeting, create an action- oriented plan at the end of each meeting and track follow-up execution. This discipline meant that overall professional interactions involved more strategic thinking and effective implementation of plans, not just in meetings, but also in the organization as a whole.Effective organizations do not abandon discipline for the sake of expediency, or when market conditions change or time pressures arise. Despite shifting economic or regulatory environments or the required shortening of planning cycles to achieve strategic goals due to the complexity of change, disciplined adherence to your steady approach will serve you and your organization in the long run. As one of our team members likes to say – “steady-Eddy” – the discipline to focus each day on steady progress towards achieving your goals despite external circumstances. As in the tortoise and the hare, the steady and sure wins the race.last_img read more

[Infographic] How culture is your credit union’s competitive advantage

first_img 25SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Every organization is searching for the secret sauce. What is it that is going to help you stand out from the crowd, especially when technology is changing so rapidly and, as a result, consumer expectations of your organization. Your credit union can uncover a timeless differentiator by focusing on building an engaged, mission-based organizational culture. Here’s how it works… continue reading »last_img

Are you Bluetooth or WiFi? Why not be both!

first_imgWhen this blog was much younger, I shared a post asking if you were Bluetooth or WiFi.  The premise was simple: Bluetooth represented slower and small-scale, with the added benefit of low-energy. You could make numerous connections nearby and interact with them all seamlessly.  Does that sound like you?  If not, perhaps you were WiFi.  Like your electronic namesake, it stood for high-speed, long reach, and high energy.  Decisions happened quickly, decisively, and everything was high-energy.  However, everything came back to a central location, rather than the point-to-point nature of Bluetooth (Mesh WiFi wasn’t yet a thing).One wasn’t better than the other, simply a different approach.  Which is necessary in our varied industry.  What works in one place may not provide the same results elsewhere.And then I got myself an Apple Watch.What does that have to do with the topic?  As I learned about its capabilities, I discovered an interesting feature.  The normal operation is for the watch to remain connected to my iPhone through Bluetooth (the Low Energy standard, actually, taking our previous metaphor to the next level).  However, if the phone is not available or otherwise out of range, the watch will attempt to connect to known WiFi networks.  It’s the fallback, since, as you learned, WiFi uses more power, thus decreasing the battery life.  Yet the watch adapts as it must. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Cuomo says professional sports leagues can begin training

first_imgAdditionally, Governor Cuomo said that state beaches are open and campgrounds will open tomorrow. Cuomo also announced that veterinarian practices will be able to open in all regions starting Tuesday, May 26. Governor Cuomo said he believes all sports that can come back without spectators should if they can. He also said they need to be following proper health and safety protocols.center_img (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that professional sports leagues in the state can begin spring training on Sunday.last_img

Indonesian boy succumbs to avian flu

first_imgOct 15, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – A 12-year-old Indonesian boy who was identified earlier as having H5N1 avian influenza died Oct 13, raising the country’s avian flu death toll to 88, according to news services.An official at Indonesia’s avian flu information center said the boy died suddenly, though he had previously been improving, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report published yesterday.”Medical doctors at the hospital were meeting to discuss his case, since he showed great improvement in his health condition, with his white-blood-cell count rising, but the boy suddenly died at 7:30 a.m. this morning,” the official, named Nir Wan, told AFP.Indonesian officials had reported the boy’s case on Oct 11, and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized it a day later. He had fallen ill Sep 30 and was hospitalized in Tangerang, a western suburb of Jakarta, Oct 8. The next day he was transferred to Persahabatan Hospital in Jakarta, according to AFP.The WHO said investigators found that the boy had had contact with a dead infected chicken near his school in the days before his illness.Indonesia leads the world with 109 H5N1 cases and 88 deaths, on the basis of WHO and news reports (WHO figures include the boy’s case but do not yet reflect his death). Indonesia has had 34 cases, 30 of them fatal, this year. The global count has reached 331 cases with 203 deaths.See also: Oct 12 WHO announcement of the boy’s case 11 CIDRAP News story “Indonesia has another avian flu case”last_img read more

China says Pompeo congratulating Taiwan president ‘very dangerous’

first_imgChina on Wednesday lambasted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for sending a congratulatory message to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on her inauguration, saying it was “extremely wrong, and it’s also very dangerous”.Beijing views the island as part of its territory and has vowed to seize it by force if necessary. “The US move… seriously interferes in China’s internal affairs and seriously damages peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” the defense ministry said in a statement. Tsai is loathed by Beijing because her party views Taiwan as a de facto sovereign state and not part of “one China”.In her inauguration speech, Tsai said China must find a way to live peacefully alongside a democratic Taiwan.Since she first came to office in 2016, Beijing has rebuffed offers of talks and ramped up economic, military and diplomatic pressure on the island. Topics :center_img Pompeo sent a message hailing Tsai for her “courage and vision in leading Taiwan’s vibrant democracy” — a rare direct message from a US official.”It is extremely wrong, and it’s also very dangerous,” China’s defense ministry said.It warned that the People’s Liberation Army had the “will, the confidence and the capability to defeat any form of external interference and the plot of ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces”.The statement said China would take “all necessary measures to firmly defend China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.last_img read more