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One gene in particular reduced its expression by about 50% with age in both human tissue and in rodents the researchers report today in Science Translational Medicine The gene codes for a protein called RbAp48 that regulates gene expression in a part of the hippocampus called the dentate gyrus which has been implicated in normal memory loss A separate region of the hippocampus known to be the point of onset for Alzheimer’s disease showed no differences in expression of the age-related gene Next the team tested whether the steep decline in the production ofRbAp48 could play a role in the memory loss associated with aging In young mice bred to inhibit production of the RbAp48 protein the researchers were able to show cognitive deficits that they say resemble those seen in older mice and elderly humans such as difficulty recognizing objects and navigation Finally the team showed that by increasing the level of RbAp48 in old mice they could restore memory function to levels similar to that of young mice The new study demonstrates that “this molecular deficiency that we observe in humans truly contributes to age-related memory loss” Small says The researchers aren’t entirely sure what role RbAp48 plays in memory but Small suspects that it is key to the successful functioning of synapses—bridges between nerve cells that transmit chemical and electrical signals facilitating learning and memory Why the protein declines with age is still a mystery he says So far physical exercise is one treatment that has been shown to improve the function of the dentate gyrus and to slow memory loss from aging Small says The new study points the way toward therapeutic targets that might one day help turn back the clock on the memory loss he says The new study is “very impressive” and an important piece of the puzzle in understanding the molecular mechanisms of age-related memory loss says Molly Wagster chief of the Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience Branch at the National Institute on Aging in Bethesda Maryland But she cautions that it involved a limited number of brain tissues and focused solely on one brain region noting that other brain regions could also play an important role in age-related memory decline Further efforts will be needed to see if what the group has seen in rodents translates to humans she says A multibillion dollar proposal to create a 4G wireless broadband network in the United States could interfere with several scientific services that use the Global Positioning System (GPS) including forecasting the weather monitoring climate change and tracking volcanic activity US federal officials told a Congressional panel yesterday Their concerns are the latest in a crescendo of objections raised against the proposal by federal agencies and providers of GPS-based services LightSquared a company based in Reston Virginia has already spent over $4 billion to set up the network which would provide improved cell phone and Internet connectivity across the country The network would be supported by LightSquared’s geostationary satellites and some 40000 ground transmitters operating in a frequency band adjacent to the band used by GPS a satellite-based navigation system used the world over That plan is awaiting a final green light from the Federal Communications Commission In the meantime however it has run into considerable opposition from the government and the private sector The Federal Aviation Administration has pointed out that the LightSquared network will intrude upon its Next Generation Air Transportation System impinging on the FAA’s efforts to make flying safer Commercial providers of GPS services have raised concerns that LightSquared’s transmitters will cause problems for millions of GPS devices used in everything from car-navigation systems to fishing boats These concerns have been validated by tests conducted earlier this year by a technical working group that included representatives from LightSquared and the GPS industry At a hearing before the House of Representatives Committee on Science Space and Technology officials from NASA the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the US Geological Survey (USGS) expressed concerns about LightSquared’s impact on federal science activities "NASA relies on GPS technology to monitor and improve our understanding of earth science including climate change and solid Earth hazards such as earthquakes and volcanic activity" Victor Sparrow director of NASA’s Spectrum Policy and Planning Division told the committee David Applegate USGS associate director for natural hazards said LightSquared’s proposal would jeopardize the operations of several "high-precision GPS stations" that are used for "earthquake monitoring for at-risk urban areas in southern California the San Francisco Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest" The results of tests by the technical working group submitted this summer to the Federal Communications Commission found that 31 out of 33 high precision GPS receivers were significantly affected by LightSquared’s signal In response LightSquared has proposed to operate its transmitters in a frequency band farther away from the GPS spectrum a step it says will correct the problem In addition it has offered to share with the owners the cost of upgrading any GPS receivers still affected by LightSquared’s signal Federal officials testifying yesterday were not convinced that LightSquared’s modified plan would address their concerns Lawmakers on the panel seemed equally skeptical "Unfortunately no testing has been done on this modified plan" remarked the committee’s chairman Representative Ralph Hall (R-TX) "Additional testing should be required before the FCC allows LightSquared to begin commercial service" he added The ranking Democrat on the panel Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) hoped that a compromise would be worked out between GPS users and LightSquared The question before the FCC was "whether GPS can thrive side-by-side with a ground-based broadband network" she said "I sincerely hope that they can coexist" The hardest bit of your body is the enamel coating your teeth But new analyses of fish fossils as well as genetic analyses of a living fish species suggest that this specialized material once served a very different function: to toughen some bones and scales of ancient fish The findings bolster earlier suggestions that ancient fish had enamel-armored scales and they point to a new scenario for exactly how the substance ended up on teeth Enamel—an almost pure layer of a mineral called hydroxyapatite—coats the teeth of almost all tetrapods (four-limbed creatures) and lobe-finned fish such as coelacanths Most living fish do not produce it but Per Ahlberg a paleontologist at Uppsala University in Sweden found an ancient exception Well-preserved fossils of an ancient fish called Psaro-lepis romeri reveal that this 20-centimeter-long minipredator which prowled the seas between 410 million and 415 million years ago had enamel in its scales and its skull—but not its teeth according to a paper by Ahlberg and colleagues in the 24 September issue of Nature Other teams had found partial fossils of fish with enamel on their scales But those fragments might not have belonged to the same individual Ahlberg says so researchers couldn’t be sure just how the enameled bits were distributed across the body or if they came from individuals at different ages or developmental stages Ahlberg’s team instead looked at a single specimen of Psarolepis slicing through the jawbone skull bones and scales to get a microscopic peek at their internal structure and so identify what they were made of The teeth were naked dentine the same material that underlies the enamel in your teeth and those of most modern tetrapods But the scales and skull bones of this ancient fish included some enamel Researchers had suggested that over millions of years of evolution hardened structures such as external scales gradually migrated into the mouth and changed shape to become teeth But the patchy distribution of enamel in Psarolepis may suggest a different scenario in which the pattern of enamel production rather than the of shape and location of already enameled structures shifted over time The team also analyzed the genome of the spotted gar (Lepisosteus oculatus) a modern-day species that produces a hard enamel-like material called ganoine that covers its scales The genome shows that gar can produce two of the three proteins needed to make enamel and suggests that ganoine is essentially a scale-coating version of enamel Thus it offers genetic support for the fossil evidence These findings “are very interesting” says Zerina Johanson a paleobiologist at the Natural History Museum in London In contrast to previous ideas the work suggests that hardened structures such as scales may not have physically moved from one place in the body to another as species evolved Instead evolution may have shifted the activity of enamelmaking proteins to new body parts “This may provide a better understanding of what was going on inside primitive vertebrates” she says? 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Ram Naresh Kushwaha.

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