QDiscovery Enlists EMC For Its Performance And Data Defense

first_imgAt QDiscovery, we like to think of ourselves as the concierge of the e-discovery service market. Our team of 35 employees in New London, CT provides electronic data and document management solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the United States.We assist our customers with end-to-end discovery litigation support including presentations, document management and e-discovery to use in and out of the courtroom. We dedicate ourselves to the best possible customer experience by developing relationships that center on trust.That’s why it’s so important that we manage our data in a safe and secure environment, allowing information to be freely available when the client needs it. The QDiscovery data center houses up to 80TBs of legal documentation such as court papers, depositions or video surveillance footage. All of this can be requested on short notice to support a client’s case. We have some cases online that range from half a gigabyte to several terabytes. We can have up to 80 or 100 projects online at any given time.We began noticing performance issues in our system a few years ago. While we thought we had a storage issue, we quickly learned the problem was with the way we were backing up data. And the problem wasn’t so much in the size of the data as it was the millions of different types of files we were backing up.After a six-month engagement with EMC consultants, we selected a comprehensive storage and backup solution that includes the EMC VNX5400 with Data Encryption at Rest ([email protected]) and two EMC Data Domain DD2500 systems with EMC NetWorker software. So now our file storage is made up of the dual VNX systems at two co-locations – one in Connecticut and the other in Massachusetts. Our Data Domain systems back up and compress all our information, packing data into as little as one-thirtieth of the space it could otherwise require, using the industry’s leading solution for de-duplication.With this combination, we can process a wide variety of data faster than ever before. And for less money. Instead of having skilled attorneys waste billable hours sorting through documents in a linear fashion, we use our EMC infrastructure to quickly combine emails together for analysis, or look at similar documents to identify differences to locate the right file. Everything is geared towards making that evaluation go smoother, faster and with more consistency.And, while we initially engaged with EMC to fix our backup problem, the project exposed us to a wider range of technologies that have helped our business – such as our VNX storage array. EMC VNX, combined with Data Domain, solved our need for speed, and security. Every hard drive associated with VNX is encrypted. Whether data is being accessed from the laptop of one of our clients or it’s at rest in our data center, it’s safely encrypted. We found this to be a terrific solution.In addition to the hardware, the EMC consultancy service really brought it all together for us. They took the time to understand our challenges. They analyzed everything we shared and came back with a tailored solution that’s been rock solid ever since.The key to QDiscovery’s success is our customer satisfaction. But to make that happen, our solutions have to be reliable, secure and available. Our customers commonly ask us about our data center. Where is their information living? How safe is it? How quickly can they find the right data when they need it? Our relationship with EMC provides a positive answer to all those questions.last_img read more

Introducing the industry’s most flexible converged system to date: the Dell Validated System for Virtualization

first_imgThis week at VMworld it has been my pleasure and privilege to help unveil Dell’s latest converged system, the Dell Validated System for Virtualization. Dell’s leadership in converged and hyperconverged systems today spans tested and validated reference architectures to precision-tuned engineered systems for use cases from VDI to big data to hybrid cloud and the broadest hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio of any vendor.But our newest system, the Dell Validated System for Virtualization, is a great example of how we never rest on our laurels. We always insist on innovating. I invite you to take a good look at this system because when you do, I think you’ll agree.The Dell Validated System for Virtualization, you won’t use like any other. Developed from the ground up with the overriding mandate of today’s IT shops in mind—to meet business needs quickly, at high efficiency, and with rock-solid reliability—we have produced the market’s most flexible converged system to date. That flexibility is key to delivering on the promise of a service-defined infrastructure that will enable and accelerate the new service-oriented IT.Flexibility is key: by being flexible in design, comprehending multiple server, storage, and networking technologies, the Dell Validated System for Virtualization adapts to YOUR infrastructure and virtualization policies instead of requiring time – and time consuming adaptation – BY you. With groundbreaking flexibility in sizing, the System drives new efficiencies and speed—because you only buy what you need. Buy as small a system as two compute nodes with associated storage, or scale it up (by as little as a single node or drive) until you reach only just the capacity you need.Or is that capacity need great? Use Dell PowerEdge FX2 modular servers and storage arrays for density in the rack, or scale out to multiple racks. All in the same system, the Dell Validated System for Virtualization, and using the same system manager, Dell Active System Manager (ASM), regardless of this wide range of architectures and sizes.Dell ASM is the one manager you use for all the configurations and sizing I referred to above. It monitors and manages the system’s health and performance as usage grows and changes, and as workload requirements or even the workloads themselves change.Come visit the Dell booth at VMworld in Las Vegas this week, or contact your Dell representative to learn more.last_img read more

Tech + Golf at #DellTechChamp in Boston

first_imgSee you out on the course! Not only does #DellTechChamp entertain, but it also has a substantial impact on the community, economy and charities where our team members live and work. Since the tournament began, more than $27 million has been raised for New England area charities, and we’re proud this year to continue supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester and Boston. At the 17th Fairway, the Dell Technologies Fan Experience is a 4,300-sq. ft. tent devoted to showcasing how golf has become more technologically advanced. In the Experience is one of our biggest customers Topgolf, with its Swing Suite, where spectators can hit golf balls that track each shot’s accuracy and distance while awarding points for hitting targets in the outfield. This newest extension of Topgolf, powered by Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure, simulates the luxurious atmospheres of their hospitality and entertainment venues across the country. The best of golf meets the best of technology once again this Labor Day weekend at the Dell Technologies Championship event in Boston! For the second year in a row, Dell Technologies is proud to be the title sponsor of our second event on the PGA TOUR’s FedExCup Playoffs, one of the most exciting in the game of golf.  To keep up with all the exciting, heart pounding action during #DellTechChamp, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also invite spectators into the Fan Experience to test out the best in virtual reality golf. Dell Precision technology powers a virtual reality drone simulator, allowing the user to get a bird’s eye view of the course. And of course, our Alienware systems are the ultimate machines to test out your golf gaming prowess! An annual event since 2003, this year’s #DellTechChamp (Aug. 30 to Sept. 3) promises to be an event like no other, with the game’s top 100 players taking the course. And once again, Dell Technologies and the PGA are bringing an event like no other, merging one of the world’s oldest sports with the latest in technology, allowing fans interact in a way that truly demonstrates how the game is changing.last_img read more

Transparency – The Critical Trust Enabler

first_imgVarious consumer privacy laws (such as GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act) recognizes transparency as a core principle of data protection.  Simply stated, transparency is related to the fair processing principle and processing can only be fair if it takes place in a transparent manner.However, transparency is only relevant if it is meaningful.  In practice, this means that a business will need to clearly communicate to their users about their data collection practice, which is usually in the form of a privacy statement. The privacy statement cannot be “overly legalistic, technical or use specialist language or terminology” as highlighted by the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party.  In other words, by adopting the “K.I.S.S.” principle (which has been associated with the aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson), which is, “keep it simple and straightforward”, users will likely entrust you with their personal data.So how can a business achieve user-centric transparency? By focusing on sharing meaningful information in clear, concise and plain language to truly inform users about how their personal data will be used, collected and shared throughout the lifecycle of the user’s data.Furthermore, transparency should be context-specific, flexible, dynamic and adaptable to enable a genuine choice to users.  By embracing this approach, it builds user trust and digital confidence as well as deepens the regulator’s trust.At Dell Technologies, transparency is an enduring commitment and our 2030 privacy moonshot goals are focused on putting our customers’ and employees’ in the driver’s seat in how they control their personal data by:Continuing to provide user-centric and transparent privacy statement;Leveraging leading-edge technology to make it easier for our customers to access or delete their personal information and to exercise their choices; andChampioning our customers’ and employees’ privacy rights by helping shape new consumer privacy laws with their rights in mind.Dell’s pledge of transparency sets a solid foundation for evolving technologies and embedding digital confidence.Last but not least, Dell Technologies will continue to invest in our advanced and comprehensive RSA Archer privacy governance and risk management technology to protect the personal data you entrust us with.last_img read more