Xbox 360 is getting a 500GB hard drive and its cheaper than

first_imgThere’s currently over 5 million Xbox One consoles sitting in homes around the world, but over 78 million Xbox 360s. Microsoft can’t ignore that there’s still a market for its last-gen console, and so it’s taking the chance to sell gamers who still enjoy gaming on the 360 another over-priced hard drive.A pre-order coming soon page has appeared on the official Xbox website for an Xbox 360 500GB Media Hard Drive. Head over to Amazon to purchase a 500GB portable hard drive and you’ll pay about $50, but Microsoft wants $110 for this Xbox 360 version. It gets stranger, though, as that’s actually cheap compared to the 320GB Xbox 360 drive.For some reason Microsoft has priced the 500GB unit $20 cheaper than the smaller 320GB drive. The only explanation I can think of for this is that the 320GB drive is either going to be phased out or its price brought down considerably when the 500GB drive becomes available. So, for now, just don’t buy one and wait and see what happens with the price.Another very important thing to note is that this drive is for the Xbox 360 Model S and Model E only, if you have a console previous to that you’re out of luck. However, if your Xbox 360 is compatible and the hard drive is showing signs of wear and tear, this 500GB drive may be just what you need to ensure gaming for years to come, or while you wait for the Xbox One to get some must-have games and hopefully drops in price again.last_img read more