How to remove Carrier IQ from Android Blackberry and iPhone

first_imgIt still isn’t 100% clear exactly who is using Carrier IQ — and for what purposes — but one thing we do know is that you don’t benefit from having it on your phone. Rooted Android users and all iOS users can remove the software with relative ease, and now RIM has posted instructions for Blackberry owners to remove it as well.These are our instructions for removing Carrier IQ from any device on the three platforms.Remove Carrier IQ from iPhoneApple says that most iOS 5 devices don’t use Carrier IQ, but iPhone 4 owners will need to disable it.The easiest way is to navigate to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage. Then simply select “Don’t Send.”This doesn’t actually remove the software, but it removes its permission to communicate with Carrier IQ servers, rendering it useless.Remove Carrier IQ from rooted Android phonesOne option for removing Carrier IQ on Android is to flash a custom ROM. Most will have removed Carrier IQ long ago.Another option is to get this app. It will tell you if Carrier IQ is on your device.If it tells you that Carrier IQ is there, then the easiest way is to buy the premium version of the app from the Market. It costs $1, but the developer is legit (he’s actually the one who discovered Carrier IQ’s SMS keylogging).We recommend searching for your specific device, as some phones haven’t been playing nicely with the removal app. If it doesn’t look good, then we’d recommend flashing a custom ROM instead.Remove Carrier IQ from Blackberry phones1. On your Blackberry, navigate to the Options menu (it could also be Settings > Options)2. This step will be different depending on the version of Blackberry OS you are running:Blackberry OS 6.0 or laterGo to Options > Device > Application Management. Find IQ Agent.Blackberry OS 5.0Go to Options > Applications, and select Third Party. Find IQ Agent.Blackberry OS 4.1 to 4.7Go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications. Find IQ Agent.Blackberry OS 4.0Go to Options > Applications. Find IQ Agent 3. After locating IQ Agent (Carrier IQ), press the menu button, and select delete. When it asks you if you want to restart your phone, select yes.via RIMlast_img read more