Style + Tech = Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

first_img The Best American Gin Editors’ Recommendations Save Your Eyes from the Scourge of the Screens with the Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses for Men Behold the first-ever content series between Digital Trends and The Manual. The Bromance has begun. Since there are a plethora of brands out there melding style and technology, we thought we would take this opportunity to profile one item per week for the month of October, breaking them down and offering each of our unique takes on their tech and style components.For the whole series, click here; to learn why you’re about to get down with Ethiopian lambs, read on…The Manual:It’s nearing that time of year when the gloves come out and we all look like fumbling idiots for half the year. We drop coffee, we can’t retie our boots and we sure as hell can’t use a smart phone. Even with Siri up in the mix, calls, texts and emails require a full fledge ‘pull over and gloves off’ to get even the simplest memo off. And no, we don’t live in a cave. We are well aware of the gloves out there that can be used with smart phones, but aren’t they pretty ‘etsy’ looking? Mujjo is delivering serious man gloves that are both stylish and tech savvy.These gloves are stars in our book. First off, we didn’t know lambs in Ethiopia made for such damn luxurious leather, and we definitely didn’t know they had awesome isolation properties. Because of the 100% wool lining, they keep our man mitts nice and cozy, as well.The design of the glove is pretty on point, too. It’s simple, black and matte. Nobody is trying too hard here, which is refreshing. We appreciate the lack of an elastic band around the wrists; my wrist didn’t eat a McGriddle this morning, thank you. Instead Mujjo offers a slick leather strap and two studs to choose from, depending on the size of your wrist (they come in four hand sizes, as well). Finally, the gloves are treated, making them wind and waterproof as well as soil resistant and they even include anti-microbial properties.Digital Trends:You had us at anti-microbial properties.We’ll cop to it – we have a germaphobe streak, and we defy anyone who regularly rides the NYC subway not to develop one as well. So we actually welcome the cold weather, because it allows us to handle the wide germ-tastic world without fear. That is until, as our good friends at The Manual point out, it’s time to operate our phones.Turns out, Ethiopian lambs aren’t just luxurious; they bathe in nanotechnology! How else does Muiji manage to suffuse their gloves with the ability to close the circuit that makes capacitive touch screens work? And we’re not talking about just the tip of the index finger, either. These things work no matter what finger you’re using, and no matter the angle. You could probably type with your knuckles, if your knuckles were limber enough.We couldn’t agree more that our other options for warm-fingered phone handling leave us cold; these things make us feel like the future of tech isn’t in our hands – it’s on them. The Manual Spirit Awards 2019: The Best Craft Liquor Made in America Does No-Phones Dining Have A Future? Industry Professionals Give Us Their Take How to Make a Rye Whiskey Smash last_img read more

Mens lacrosse Ohio State moves to 70 with win over Cleveland State

“Anthony Kelly held it and he was a hard-working guy, so it’s a real honor to break the record,” Withers said. “It just shows the good wing guys and the players I’ve played beside these past four years that helped me achieve this goal.”OSU coach Nick Myers started redshirt senior goalie Tom Carey after not starting him in last week’s games in Milwaukee.  “We got two really good goalies,” Myers said. “It’s been really competitive which isn’t really much different from our roster.  Top to bottom, we are getting new competition in those spots. Tom did a really nice job today and we’re excited to get out here with another win.”LeClaire struck the first goal 13:52 into the game. He said it’s the leadership on the team that has been helping him to grow into the team’s leading goal scorer (13) as a freshman.“All the seniors (are) making me feel comfortable out there and we’re all clicking as one unit,” LeClaire said.Right after the goal, Withers scored for the Buckeyes. Then, with 6:59 left in the first quarter, OSU senior attack Austin Shanks scored to extend the Buckeyes lead to 3-0.Vikings’ midfielder Nick Wendel scored Cleveland State’s first goal with 4:31 left in the first period. But before the end of the quarter, OSU senior attack Johnny Pearson converted on his first goal of the day to build a 4-1 advantage.The Buckeyes scored two goals in the second quarter, the first coming with 14:16 left in the quarter from LeClaire on with a man up, and redshirt freshman attack Lukas Buckley scored the other with 5:15 remaining in the quarter.In previous games, OSU’s offense has started slow then exploded in the middle quarters. On Saturday, the scoring was more gradual. Withers said that the team realizes that they can’t get off to slow starts as the competition becomes tougher.“As a team, the last four or five games have been slow starts,” Withers said. “We’ve been trying to progress through that and that starts on Mondays during our weeks.”The Buckeyes picked up the intensity more in the third quarter. Cleveland State struggled to score in the second quarter, but were able to find the back of the net twice in the third.At 12:19 in the third quarter, OSU senior attack JT Blubaugh scored his first goal, giving the Buckeyes a 7-1 lead.Vikings freshman midfielder Danny Tesler forced a goal in with 11:21 remaining in the quarter, then OSU answered with four straight, starting with junior attack Hank Bethke.Moments after OSU senior midfielder John Kelly scored, widening the score gap to 9-2, Buckeyes’ junior midfielder Austin Seiple scored his first two goals of the season to extend the lead to nine.  OSU freshman attack Nick Musci scored OSU’s lone goal of the fourth quarter, while Tesler and freshman midfielder Noah Gleeson scored for the Vikings.  Next UpThe Buckeyes face their stiffest competition yet when they travel to Maryland to face No. 17 Towson on Tuesday. OSU then hosts No. 4 Denver on March 19. The Ohio State men’s lacrosse team huddles before its 8-7 win over University of Massachusetts on Feb. 18. Credit: Courtesy of OSU AthleticsThe Ohio State Buckeyes (7-0) emerged victorious over the Cleveland State Vikings (2-5) in Ohio Stadium on Saturday.The Buckeyes’ leading scorer was freshman midfielder Tre LeClaire with three goals, while junior midfielder Austin Seiple scored twice.This is the inaugural year of lacrosse at Cleveland State, whose roster is mostly comprised of freshmen.OSU senior midfielder Jake Withers broke the Buckeye record for ground balls today with 239 ground balls in his career. The record was previously held by Anthony Kelly, who picked up 238 ground balls in the 2000-2003 seasons. Withers said he feels honored to hold the record. read more