550,000 Visitors Attended the 25th Casablanca International Book Fair

Rabat – The Ministry of Culture and communication has announced that the number of visitors who attended this year’s International Book Fair (SIEL) was “exceptional” compared to previous years.The book fair, which took place from February 7 to 17 under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, hosted more than 700 exhibitors from 40 countries.About 350 intellectuals, writers, poets politicians, and entrepreneurs participated in seminars and meetings at the fair. One of the most brilliant exhibitions included a signing of “The Moroccan Letters,” a compendium compiled by renowned Lebanese media figures, Sami Kleib and Faycal Jelloul, holding testimonials from 20 pioneers of Arabic literature, including Syrian poet and critic, Adunis.Spain was this year’s guest of honor. Read Also: Fire Breaks Out at Casablanca International Book FairSIEL honored writers who write in Spanish and hosted two round tables under the title “Spanish, more southern.” The event paid a particular tribute to Juan Goytisolo and Jose-Miguel Ullan during a conference titled “Claiming the Count Don Julian, an homage to Juan Goytisolo.”Last year, 520,000 visitors attended the book fair which honored Egypt as the guest country. The 24th SIEL focused on Moroccan-Egyptian relations, the issues of culture and philosophy as well as the role of Egyptian writer, Jamal El Ghitani. read more