UN labour conference adopts measures to tackle globalizations challenges

The United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) today concluded its annual conference, during which delegates adopted a series of measures designed to promote a more rigorous approach to tackling the challenges of globalization.The 90th International Labour Conference also agreed to create an “anchor” for personal security through poverty reduction, job creation and improved workplace health and safety.This year’s session of the tri-partite body, which is made up of government, worker and employer representatives from the Organization’s 175 member States, was marked by what ILO Director-General Juan Somavia called an “exceptionally rich” discussion surrounding globalization, child labour and other issues and saw a “broad and steadily deepening consensus over the goal of decent work for all.””Until we see a globalization that prioritizes the creation of employment and the reduction of poverty, the whole concept is going to remain dogged by controversy,” Mr. Somavia said. “Decent work for all…is the surest route out of poverty and an anchor for family security essential to peaceful communities. We need to do more and do it better.” The Conference also debated the situation in the occupied Arab territories and heard pledges in support of enhancing ILO efforts to create jobs in the area and promote dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis. Mr. Somavia said the ILO would allocate resources immediately with a view to establishing a Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection. On 12 June, the ILO launched the World Day Against Child Labour, which saw events in countries around the world aimed at reinforcing the global movement to abolish child labour. read more